we need to eat Christ as the Lamb of God with all the saints in the house of God!(2011 Poland camp)

we need to eat Christ as the Lamb of God with all the saints in the house of God!(2011 Poland camp)This Poland camp I was very touched that the Lord is ready to come – He is eager to come, but He needs a dispensational instrument to turn this age! The enemy is working against God’s will and his strategy is to interrupt our cooperation with the Lord according to His desire. Today’s world is Satan’s system to occupy and blind the people, showing them “alternative ways of enjoyments” and then enslave them so they can not see what is on Lord’s mind!

By the Lord’s mercy, through many plagues, He is revealing to us the real condition of this fallen world. The Lord has His timing for us to make us useful in His hands. We may think that we are ready, but our nature and our own strength must go away! We need a clear vision of the situation of the world we live but mostly we need to see who is our God, the great I am!

Then we will realize that we aren’t able but He is! We are just a thornbush: useless, but there is the fire of God upon and within us! He is the One who is calling us inwardly and outwardly, and He is becoming our ability, our strength, and our abundant supply. The Lord Jesus came as the Lamb of God and He was burned by the fire of God’s judgement. We need to eat such a Christ, the whole roasted Lamb, together with the saints in the house! We need to eat our way out of this world.

Everything has been accomplished – everything was done by His death on the cross. Today we are enjoying the reality in our mingled spirit. Hallelujah, we can apply His dear blood as our covering and the angel of death cannot reach us! There is also the water to be drank – the unbreakable, indestructible life has been poured out into us!

There is no other way for us to be rescued from world, be transformed & constituted by Christ, enter and enjoy the riches of the good land, except eating Christ! Other may say, there is no God but we will not listen to such words but rather we will look at their knees because, Every knee shall bow down and every tongue will confess: Jesus Christ is Lord!

Let us be those who are following the Lamb wherever He goes. Let us preserve ourselves as pure vessels for the Lord. This is it – We were not created for anything else. So Praise the Lord for His life in us! Eating Jesus is the way – He is our never-ending feast! [sharing from brother Daniel R(SK) from his top enjoyment in the 2011 Young People’s Conference in Poland;become a fan on Facebook for more updates and sharings]

Christian Student

The Christian Student is a normal believer in Christ who happens to study on the campus, one who lives a life for God's purpose even while studying in university. He / she is one who loves the Lord to the uttermost and learns to spend more time with Him and with the other believers - even though the busy schedule sometimes doesn't allow much time.