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May we Hear the Lord’s Voice, Open the Door, Let Him in, Dine with Him, and Overcome!

In His concluding word to the church in Laodicea the Lord tells them that He’s outside the door, knocking, and if anyone hears the Lord’s voice and opens the door, He will come in to Him and will dine with Him, and he who overcomes will reign with Him on the throne just as He overcame […]

Living out Christ (white garments) and Gaining the Anointing Spirit (eyesalve)

Christ is the One speaking to the church in Laodicea, and the solution to all their problems is Christ Himself as the gold – the precious divine nature, the white garments – living out Christ, and the eyesalve – Christ as the anointing Spirit who heals our blindness and give us insight and foresight. No […]

Paying the Price to Buy Gold Refined by Fire: the Living Faith, Christ living in us

Because the Lord sees Laodicea as wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked, He counsels her to buy from Him gold refined by fire; there’s the need for paying the price to gain more Christ and have the living, practical faith, which is to partake of the divine element of Christ – and not just to […]

Not being Proud but being Hot for the Lord so He Won’t Spew us out of His Mouth

The Lord’s word to Laodicea is a warning to us today – if we are proud in following the Lord, considering ourselves as rich and in need of nothing, the Lord will spew us out of His mouth, for we are lukewarm in His eyes. The Lord knows our works: He knows whether we are […]

Being Saved from Lukewarmness and Spiritual Pride, the Characteristics of Laodicea

In the Lord’s eyes, the characteristics of the church in Laodicea were lukewarmness and spiritual pride; she considered that she is wealthy and rich and needing nothing, but in His eyes she was wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked (Rev. 3:15-17). The Lord’s word to the church in Laodicea is very enlightening and exposing, and […]

Holding Fast what we Have and Not Letting it Go so that No one take our Crown!

This week in our morning revival time we come to the church in Laodicea, the degraded recovered church, the church in which the opinion of the people replaces the Lord’s authority and the brotherly love is replaced by the vote of majority. Philadelphia and Laodicea are a pair: Philadelphia is the orthodoxy of the church, […]

Not Denying the Lord’s Name but Calling on His Name to Enjoy and be Filled with Him

To the church in Philadelphia, the recovered church, the Lord has given an open door which no one can shut, because they have a little power and have kept His word and have not denied His name; they are not spectacular Christians but normal believers who do the best they can with the little power […]