Being a Christian Student on the Campus – being with the saints imparts LIFE into me!

Being a Christian Student on the Campus - being with the saints imparts LIFE into me! [in the picture, San Francisco State University]Before I touched the Lord in the church life, I didn’t know that the Lord was enjoyable or that I could enjoy Him. Eighteen years of my life went by where I didn’t know that I could have a personal time with the Lord, that I could confess my sins directly to Him, that He could shepherd me through everything that’s happening, that I had a human spirit, and most importantly, that God had an economy. But when I found all these out when I came into the church life, this changed my whole life.

At San Francisco State University, I attend as a full-time student and I work part-time for the housing department on campus. Being a college student is tiring, stressful, and discouraging at times. On top of that, working and being a student is a challenge at times because I often feel like my time is so limited. Although I feel this way, I always try to be with the saints. Going to the college meetings on Wednesday nights, being in constant fellowship with saints from around the world, going to the home meeting on Friday, and living in the sisters’ house has been such a daily salvation to me. No matter how I’m feeling or how my day was, LIFE is being dispensed when I’m being with the saints!

On Saturdays, I serve with the young people, which is something I enjoy very much. It’s nice not worrying about school or about my job, but simply enjoying the Lord with the young lovers of Christ. It’s so encouraging to me to serve with the young people because their hearts are soft toward the Lord. Although they are younger than me, I feel like they know exactly where I’m at and I enjoy their portion as much as they enjoy mine. Serving is so sweet because it causes me to look away from my outward situation and really turn to Him!

Being in the church life and meeting with the saints has not only transformed me into a pursing God-man, but also a better student, worker, friend, and daughter. “But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you” (Matthew 6:33)

[short sharing from a sister Christian student on the campus in SFSU, USA (picture source, San Francisco State University), as her portion of sharing concerning, How can we balance our student life and our Christian / church life? In their own words, the students testify again and again that the Lord Jesus is so sweet, so real, and so applicable in their life – both their student life, their personal life, and their church life. Follow this topic on the blog via, Being a Christian Student on the Campus, and if you want to share your own testimony, please do so by sending it to,]

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  1. PRAISE THE LORD FOR THE SAINTS! College life is really depressing and disappointing at times, good thing there are saints whom we can fellowship with. Amen.