being a Christian student on the campus – how much time do I give to the Lord?

being a Christian student on the campus - how much time do I give to the Lord? [picture: Front Range Community College Westminster ]Being in college is a very unique time in your life. In college you are being molded into an adult and your character is being trained. You are being stretched in many directions and you are acquiring more responsibilities. In short, you are growing up, both spiritually and humanly.

There is a common conflict in college – How much time do I give to the Lord? There is no formula or recipe for this. However, there are some fundamental principles. It is good to go to the Lord first and fellowship with Him. See how much time He wants from you. The Lord will never ask more than you can give. With that being said, you must realize that you are in school to learn and to do the best you possibly can. That must be your main focus.

But you still need the meetings! They are essential! The most practical thing that I have heard in regards to studying and following the Lord is the matter of not being in debt to the Lord. You cannot be in debt to the Lord. What does that mean? Let me share an example.

It was a home meeting night and I had a lot of studying to do for a test coming up. So I did not go to the meeting, but I did not check with the Lord first, I just went with my human logic. During the hours of the home meeting, I got no studying down at all. I was very frustrated. The next night was another meeting, I told the Lord I would go. I went, but I ended up talking with a brother the entire meeting and I never actually went into where the meeting was nor participated. I was greatly in debt to the Lord. I then went to the Lord and the Lord touched me regarding my time.  The next week I went to the meeting and I was released from the stress and bondage of school! I was no longer in debt to the Lord. This is something that is different for everyone, but the Lord has measured out a portion for all of us.

Another practical note is scheduling. You should make a schedule and according to the Lord and to your work load, you should schedule in certain meetings. No matter what you are doing, you go to those meetings. If we don’t learn these valuable lessons in college then when we get to the working world, it will be much more difficult. Much grace to you in your studies and pursuit of the Lord!

[short sharing from a brother Christian student on the campus in Colorado, USA, as a short testimony of, Being a Christian Student on the Campus. Picture source: Front Range Community College Westminster Flickr Pic. How do you take care in a proper way of your student life and responsibilities and at the same time being in the church life and having a personal time with the Lord? If you want to share your own testimony, email us at]

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