Being a Christian Student on the campus – no matter how busy you are, never leave the church life!

Being a Christian Student on the campus - no matter what, never leave the church life! [picture: Arizona State University, USA)We have recently started a series of articles that try to answer a very important question for not only the students but for everyone – How do we Balance our Christian life & our church life with our student life / work life? More specifically, how do the Christian students on the campus balance their personal relationship with the Lord and involvement with the church meetings and at the same time doing their best in their studies? Most students that share their testimony have asked the Lord this many times, and here’s their answer – you can read these articles via, Being a Christian Student on the Campus. Below is a sister’s answer – a student in Arizona, USA – entitled,

No matter how busy your life may be, do not leave the church life!

It is both crucial and watering to attend the home meetings, the prayer meetings, and the Lord’s table meetings as much as you can; it would be excellent to make it to as many conferences as possible too. However, as students, our priorities right now are to take care of our studies, and we shouldn’t just aim for “average” – we should definitely aim for the highest, best education. By working hard to receive the best education not only will make us useful vessels for the Lord’s recovery later, but personally, it will train our character and mind, and it will prepare us to encounter anything in the future. Our degree should be for the Lord. We need to develop a mindset that our education is not for our own personal gain or success, but it’s for God’s plan.

In practicality, sometimes, I try to pick one over the other (either completely sacrifice my studying time for meetings or vice versa) and in both situations, I find myself worrying about another thing while I do the other. So, I balance it by deciding on the number of meetings that I would go during the week – specifically, I choose which ones I would actually go to. And I use the other time to study. Also, it is very helpful to develop a habit of having a personal time with the Lord in the MORNING, that will keep you deeply rooted in Him even in stressful, busy, and impossible times.

We really don’t have much time in one day, and I encourage all the young people to consecrate our time for only two things right now: Growing in the Lord and focusing on your studies. Anything else is not important right now, mostly just vanity. [picture source: Arizona State University, USA.]

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