Being a Christian Student on the Campus – no matter what, we’re for Christ and the church!

Being a Christian Student on the Campus - no matter what, we're for Christ and the church! [picture: Saint Joseph's University, Philadelphia, USA]In regards to the matter of living a normal Christian life and church life even as a student, I would say we need to settle in our being that we must be absolutely for Christ and the church. In our Christian life, it seems like there is always something that demands our attention. In this case, I think a big danger is that if we don’t settle in our being that we MUST love the Lord first, best, and only, and that we MUST be for Christ and the church, then the attitude of being for the Lord when it is convenient may creep in. So I would say the first thing would be to go back to the Lord, spend some time with Him, and even ask Him the questions regarding balancing the Christian life with the student life. Go back to the Lord again.

On a more practical note, I think after we settle this in our being, what may help is to have a bare minimum of healthy things that we must involve ourselves in, and this bare minimum can even be less than we know we can do. For example, I know I can read maybe 2 chapters a day of the Word, but my bare minimum will be half a chapter. So every day, in the worst case scenario, I will still read my half chapter and if I have more time or more leading, I will read more. I know I can go to more than one or two meetings a week, but at the least, I can pick one or two meetings that I won’t miss every week, and on a less busy week I’ll go to more meetings but on a busy week I will still at least make that one meeting.

It might be helpful to apply this to the healthy things (contacting people, morning revival, meetings, reading the ministry, etc.) that we should be involved in. That way, in the worst case scenario, even in our busy schedule we are still involved in these healthy items (although maybe to a lesser extent at times). However, I am still figuring out how to run the Christian race myself so I am still constantly failing at putting this into practice myself, but there have been times when this has been of help. I pray the Lord would have mercy on us that we might be found faithful. Regardless of all of our methods, we have Christ in our spirit, He is the One who will keep us, preserve us, and bring us all the way through. “Christ in you, the hope of glory” – Colossians 1:27.

[sharing from a brother Christian student studying on the campus in Philadelphia, USA [picture source: Saint Joseph’s University] – he was sharing concerning, How can we balance our Christian life and church life with our student life? What are some practical handlers which may help us in pursuing the Lord both personally and with the other Christian students on the campus? Read more portions in this series via, Being a Christian Student on the Campus, or send us your own testimony by emailing us at,]

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