being a Christian student on the campus: overflow from the students in London top enjoyment

being a Christian student on the campus: overflow from the students in London top enjoyment [in the picture: Kingston University]Recently we had a meeting with the Christian students in London, an overflow meeting, something like a end-of-term celebration meeting. Besides eating some nice barbeque and good food, we also had lots of testimonies from many of the students and the saints who attended. It was such an encouragement for us all to hear what other students enjoyed this past semester! Praise the Lord for what He is doing in each one of us and for His wonderful way of building us up in the Body of Christ!

  • The goal of the gospel is just to love the Lord Jesus with the first love. This semester I have been practicing this. To love the Lord is to believe in the Lord. The more we love the Lord, the more we speak of the Lord, and that is our loving the Lord. When we love the Lord, we just want to speak the Lord to others – this is a spontaneous thing! (R. B.)
  • The emphasis of the economy of God is our spirit. We need first to deal with our conscience, and then our fellowship with the Lord is restored. As students, we really need to touch our spirit! (B. A.)
  • The Son of God is in our spirit – but He wants to spread to our soul: our mind, emotion, and will. Also, all things work together for good – even the difficult times – those are the times when we can gain the Lord! If we don’t enjoy the Lord, we lose the opportunity to gain the Lord in our spirit. (O. M.)
  • Why are we here? We are looking for something that is real. I love God, I love Jesus, because He gathered us here! We can be in another place at this time, but we are here with the saints because in the universe there’s something real! Man is created as a vessel to contain and contact God – through God becoming a man and going through the process of human living, crucifixion, and resurrection. Now we can breathe Him into us by calling, O Lord Jesus! God can fill us! Praise God – He gathered us here! (R. S.)
  • In the meetings there is the supply – even after a long day at university. The meeting with the saints revives us! (E.)
  • This semester I realized the importance of our human spirit – we human beings have a spirit to contact God! This spirit is as important as the earth and as the heavens (see Zech. 12:1) (R. L.)
  • The Spirit is the reality. Without the Lord, everything is vanity, but praise God we have this reality – and we can eat Christ, touch Him in our spirit, and receive Him! (D. T.)
  • I can call the brothers and the sisters “my family”! Also: the Lord puts us in so many situations where we cannot succeed – but then He comes in! (M.)
  • Everyone has their unique portion of Christ; you may think you have a very small portion but to others it is a big portion and is very helpful. Thank You Lord for the Body of Christ! We are members of the Body! (S. L.)
  • This semester my roommate got saved! This is the best thing that has ever happened to me! My first year on the campus I was defensive, but now on my second year I was on the offensive, and I realized that we can be a normal Christian on the campus. There were three factors that helped me to speak to my roommate about the Lord: 1. The Word (reading the Word and contacting the Lord); 2. Prayer (praying for my roommate even before meeting him); 3. The training (the recent university training was very helpful – in order to be effective, we need to be trained!) (C. A.)
  • This semester I was touched with the portion in Matt. 26:7-10, where we see the woman who had an alabaster flask of great value. To others, her pouring the ointment on the Lord was a waste, but in the eyes of the Lord it was really precious! It is the same with us today – the most valuable thing we can offer the Lord today is our time. (J.)
  • The best thing we can give the Lord is our time – and there’s no better way to spend our time than being with the Lord. My first semester in university it was quite a struggle, but I enjoyed the four great pillars in the Lord’s recovery: Truth, life, Church, and the Gospel. We need to eat the Lord in the Word that we may receive life, and we are the church as the saints who grasp Christ in all His dimensions. As we have an input, an inflow, we also need to have an outflow – we need to speak the truth, the gospel! Although the first semester was a struggle, it also has been very enjoyable (N. L.)
  • This semester I enjoyed being grouped with some saints at – we can know the divine truth first by being in Him! The reading of the Word in a regular way has brought me to my spirit.
  • I enjoyed the unconditional love among the saints, and I felt God’s presence. “I don’t care about the food – I want to come to the meeting”
  • The Lord’s Table is not a ritual – we remember the Lord and we enjoy Him. Because of the divine life in us, we are one. He is the One we love above all else. When we come together, we love the Lord together with all the other saints.

Read more testimonies from other Christ-loving students on the campus via, being a Christian Student on the Campus. The above testimonies are only “the tip of the iceberg”, the small overflow of the divine life growing, bubbling, and filling the students in London and everywhere. It is such a privilege to love the Lord together, pursue Him, and meet together on the ground of the oneness with the saints in our locality! The church life is indeed our real family life.

[Also, special thanks to A. W. and S. G. for their wonderful notes taken at the overflow meeting – even though I was not in this meeting, other members of the Body were there, and the portion of the students was not only released but also summarized by these two dear saints! Praise the Lord! Picture source: the Kingston University in London.]