being a Christian Student on the Campus – the fellowship with other students is encouraging

being a Christian Student on the Campus - the fellowship with other students saves me [picture: Vance Academic Center, Central Connecticut State University, USA]I am now in my last year of college and so I am now looking to get an internship to gain some professional experience and appliance of the classroom theory. This has been stressful. But being able to fellowship with other students who are struggling with the same things has been a salvation. Especially because they are not seeking the glory of a high paying job but the glory of God to be expressed through their living.

The thing that has really kept me going through the whole semester has been living in the brothers’ house next to the campus. Whenever things are tough or I just need to pray or read something I can touch the Lord with one of the brothers. This time ends up helping my brother and me with what we are going through because through prayer and fellowship we encourage each other. That is the best part of being a Christian in college, the fellowship with other Christian students. [sharing from a brother Christian student on the campus in Connecticut, USA, from his experience of living a normal Christian life on the campus. Loving Christ and meeting with the other Christian students helps and enriches our student life.]

Many times we have to choose whether to go to the meetings or attend to our studies. Both are important but what is the right thing to do? In my personal experience I find when I try to stay home from the meetings and study I begin to feel bad about not making it and in turn not even touching my spirit at all. For me, I am more happy and productive when I go to the meetings.

However when exams and finals come up and it this is very difficult to do. Perhaps before sitting down to study sing a song or read a verse from the Bible. As you’re studying – call on the Lord. In 2 Timothy 2:22 it says “…call on the Lord out of a pure heart”. Hallelujah – we can call on Him anywhere! The best thing to do is to be in the meetings with others enjoying Him but if that is not possible try contacting Him while studying. [sharing from a sister Christian student on the campus in California, USA, from her experience of doing her studies together with the Lord. We can involve the Lord and fellowship with Him in all the little details of our daily life – He is so real and practical to us!]

The above are two short testimonies from some dear students who love the Lord, meet with other Christian students on the campus, and at the same time do their best in their studies! It is very good to have a vision when we study – to see that we do this not just for our future but for the Lord to have us perfected and trained in our vessel for His purpose! And a very simple way to do this is by daily fellowshipping with the Lord and regularly meeting with other Christian students who pursue Him out of a pure heart! Read what other students have testified about this via, Being a Christian Student on the Campus, or share with us YOUR testimony by leaving us a comment below or writing to us at, [picture credit: Central Connecticut State University, USA, via Wikipedia]

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  1. I feel the same way too. Whenever I came to a point where I have to choose to study than to attend meetings, I always end up procrastinating and regretting that I did not go instead. Church Life is now my social life. Christ is now my enjoyment. Christ is now my satisfaction. The more I attended meetings, the stronger the foundation I have built inside of me. 😀