Fellowship is the Circulation of the Divine Life in the Body of Christ

What a wonderful thing to realize that fellowship is the reality of the church life, for fellowship is the circulation of the divine life in the Body of Christ, just as there’s a circulation in our human body! This word, fellowship, has been taken for granted by most of us, for both in the world […]

Life Meets the Need of Every Man’s Case to Build the House of God (Gospel of John)

The gospel of John is a book on life and building; God comes to is in Christ to be our life, and this life is for God’s building – for Christ as life meets the need of every man’s case to build up the house of God. This week in our deeper study of what […]

The Reality of the Body of Christ is the Spirit of the Reality of the Triune God

What is the reality of the Body of Christ? How can we know the reality of the Body? Is the Body of Christ merely something spiritual and intangible, or can we know the Body in reality? The reality of the Body of Christ is the Spirit of the reality of the Triune God. The reality […]

Seeing and Experiencing the Glory of God in the Building of God (the Gospel of John)

In the gospel of John we see the glory of God in the building of God – first, the glory of God was manifested in Christ, the tabernacle of God with man, and then we were included in the divine-human incorporation in Christ’s resurrection! The governing vision in this book is life and building; life […]

Receiving the Spirit as the Promised Blessing and Enjoying the Cup of Blessing

How we thank and praise the Lord that today we as believers have received the Spirit as the blessing that God promised Abraham for all the nations, and we can drink the cup of blessing! In Abraham’s seed all the nations will be blessed; this means that in Christ as the Spirit, all nations are […]

God is a God of Blessing, and He Himself as the Spirit is the Unique Blessing of God

Our God is the God of blessing, and He is the blessing God. Hidden in Ezekiel 34 there’s something beautiful, a gem: our God is a God of blessing, and He is a blessing God! In Christianity and in the world this matter of blessing is very much misunderstood and misused, and some even use […]

When we Prophesy, God Sends the Wind, the Breath, and the Spirit; Make a Joyful Noise!

Prophesying is the function of the overcomers, and when we prophesy, we build up the church, and God is blowing upon any dry bones, sending the wind, the breath, and the Spirit, to revive, resuscitate, and enliven man, to form them into His people and army. Our God is almighty, powerful, and all-inclusive, yet when […]