We Present our Bodies to the Lord and to the Body to Burn with the Fire from God

In order for us to live the Body life today, we need to present our bodies to the Lord and to the Body to be a living sacrifice; even though we are many, yet our service is of the one Body in Christ for the Lord’s satisfaction (Rom. 12:1). This week we have been enjoying […]

Constantly Offering Ourselves to the Lord as a Living Sacrifice for God’s Satisfaction

Today in our Christian life and church life we should live a life of the continual burnt offering, which means that we need to be a living sacrifice, living a life of consecrating ourselves to the Lord. The fire on the altar of burnt offering had to be kept burning, and it must not go […]

Being Aware of, Concerned, and Burdened for God’s Move in the Present World Situation

As believers in Christ who have been shown mercy by the Lord to see His move on earth, we need to be more aware of God’s sovereign arrangement of the world situation, more concerned about the crucial time in which we live, and more burdened for God’s move in the present world situation. All the […]

Having the Upper Room Consecration today to be the Continuation of the Book of Acts

In order for us today to be the increase of Christ in the continuation of the book of Acts we need to have an upper room consecration for the Lord’s move, His recovery. In the book of Acts we see the propagation of the resurrected Christ in His ascension, by the Spirit, through the disciples, […]

Being and Praying for the Overcomers who are One with God to Cooperate with His Move

God can do much more through our prayer than through our work and words; we need to be the overcomers of today who serve God by praying according to His heart and will. In this universe there’s the divine will, the satanic will, and the human will; our will is not “free” – we need to willingly […]

Every Service to God must be Based on the Fire from the Altar of Burnt Offering

Our God is a consuming fire, Christ came to cast fire on earth, the Spirit is seven lamps of fire burning before God’s throne, the Triune God is burning in resurrection to call us, the word of God is like fire burning in us, and our serving God should be based on the fire from […]

As Holy Priests we Offer to God the Christ we Experienced and a Sacrifice of Praise

In the eyes of God, all believers in Christ are holy priests and royal priests; we are holy and a kingly priesthood, those who are sanctified unto God, saturated with God, filled with God, and who minister God to others. As holy priests, we offer spiritual sacrifices to God; we don’t have to offer physical […]