Being Cleansed by the Blood and Washed by the Lord’s Life to Live a Clean Life

In Lev. 12-15 God trained His people to live a clean life; we need to be cleansed by the Lord with His blood and with His Spirit and life so that we may be clean, matching Him fully. After David committed the great sin with Bath-Sheba, he prayed in Psa. 51 that the Lord would […]

Being Saturated with God’s Holy Nature to have a Holy Living as God’s Holy People

In Leviticus God charged His people to have a holy living according to His holy nature; we as believers in Christ are God’s people, and we need to be saturated with God to be as holy as He is holy and thus live a holy life. Just as the people of Israel in the Old […]

We need to Experience Christ as the Reality of the Offerings to be Mingled with Him

We need to experience Christ as the reality of the offerings so that we may enter into God and be mingled with God in Christ, the reality of the tabernacle. In Leviticus 1-10 we see how God is training us to worship Him and partake of Him through the offerings and the priesthood. God desires […]

We’re being Trained to Worship God through Christ as the Reality of the Offerings

In Leviticus chs. 1-10 God trained His people to worship and partake of Him through the offerings and the priesthood; Christ is the reality of the offerings with which we worship God. We love God, we enjoy His word, and we appreciate our fellowship with Him and with all the saints, but as we see […]

God is Training us to Worship and Partake of Him through His Speaking in the Church

This week in our morning revival enjoyment we come to the first part of the Crystallization-study of Leviticus, and we focus on, God Training His People to Worship and Partake of Him and to Live a Holy, Clean, and Rejoicing Life. Through His speaking in the church as the tent of meeting, God trained His […]

Living in the Inward Parts of Christ and Realising our Equal Status in the New Man

In the church as the one new man all believers have an equal status, for they all are filled and saturated with Christ, and they love one another in faith by living in the inward parts of Christ. In Colossians we see both the definition and the practical application of the one new man with […]

We need to Practice the Church Life with the Consciousness of the One New Man

The one new man has been created by Christ on the cross to be the entity that fulfills God’s purpose, and today we need to live the church life with the consciousness of the one new man. We need to realise that our living of the church life in the locality and country where the […]