Living a Life of the Highest Standard of Morality as the Reproduction of Christ

As the reality of the meal offering for us to eat and become a reproduction of, Christ lived a life that was the mingling of the divine attributes and the human virtues, a life of the highest standard of morality. He was not just a good, moral, ethical, right, and just person, but He lived […]

The Incarnation of Christ is Closely Related to God’s Purpose in His Creation of Man

God’s purpose is to have a corporate God-man who would express Him and represent Him, and the incarnation of Christ is closely related to God’s purpose the creation of man. As we look deeper into the matter of eating Christ as the meal offering to become the reproduction of Christ for the fulfillment of God’s […]

God’s Eternal Intention is to Head up All Things in Christ, the Head over All Things

In our seeking before the Lord concerning what is the genuine church life, we need to be realize that the church life is a life of being headed up in Christ, for God wants to head up all things in Christ. The church is the Body of Christ – this is not an allegory or […]

Only what Comes out of Christ can be the Church to Match Christ as His Counterpart

Only what comes out of Christ can return to Christ to match Christ as His counterpart, just as only what came out of Adam and was built by God to become a woman could return to him to be his wife. It is important for us to see what did God do to gain His […]

The Church as the Body of Christ is the Corporate Christ, the Body-Christ

The church as the Body of Christ is the corporate Christ, the Body-Christ, and all believers in Christ are members of the Body of Christ, that is, all believers are members of Christ. First of all, the expression “the Body of Christ” is not an allegory or a type, but it is what it says […]

Seeing and Experiencing the Glory of God in the Building of God (the Gospel of John)

In the gospel of John we see the glory of God in the building of God – first, the glory of God was manifested in Christ, the tabernacle of God with man, and then we were included in the divine-human incorporation in Christ’s resurrection! The governing vision in this book is life and building; life […]

Seeing the Effect of Christ’s Crucifixion and Experiencing its Life-Releasing Aspect

The crucifixion of Christ is an amazing event and reality; the effect of Christ’s crucifixion is excellent, and the life-releasing aspect of His crucifixion is truly amazing. Human death is sad, sorrowful, terrible, dreaded, and even horrible, but the Bible speaks of the death of Christ and we emphasize His death as being something wonderful. […]