The more we Grow in Life, the more we are Headed up in Christ by His Life and Light

The heading up in Christ in the church life is by life and light; first God comes into us as life to swallow any death, then the light of life shines in us to dispel the darkness, and we are headed up in Christ, being under the light as we grow in life. Wow! It […]

We are Headed up in Christ through the Divine Dispensing which is Sweet and Intimate

In the church life we are being headed up through the divine dispensing in the divine economy, for God is working Himself into us through an administration that is a sweet dispensing, an intimate stewardship, and a comfortable household arrangement. When most Christians hear about the fact that God wants to head up all things […]

We need to realize that the Proper Church Life is a Life of being Headed up in Christ

The church is life is a life of being headed up in Christ, for we all need to be delivered from the heap of collapse caused by man’s fall, and to be headed up in Christ. God’s eternal purpose is for Him to gain a corporate expression in man, so that God in Christ through […]

God is Working to Liberate His Creation from Bondage by Heading up All things in Christ

Satan’s goal is to corrupt God’s creation and to cause confusion, and he did so by injecting himself into man at the fall; but God is working to liberate His creation from bondage by heading up all things in Christ. Hallelujah, God is operating to liberate the entire creation from under the slavery of sin […]

God’s Eternal Intention is to Head up All Things in Christ, the Head over All Things

In our seeking before the Lord concerning what is the genuine church life, we need to be realize that the church life is a life of being headed up in Christ, for God wants to head up all things in Christ. The church is the Body of Christ – this is not an allegory or […]

Taking Christ as our Life and Person so that Christ is All and in All in the New Man

In the new man Christ is all and in all. What does it mean in reality and in our experience for Christ to be all in all in the church as the one new man? We need to ask the Lord to make this real to us, and even to make this our reality in […]

God’s Economy is to Work Christ into us; the New Man is Christ Spreading and being Enlarged

Hallelujah, the new man is Christ spreading in us and being enlarged in us! It is amazing to realize that Christ is all and in all in the new man, and that God’s intention is to make Christ the center of His economy and make Him everything to the believers; the new man is one […]