The Church is the Body of Christ, the Fulness of Christ the Head to be His Expression

This week and the following few weeks we are prayerfully considering the status of the church – the church is the Body of Christ, the church is the new man, and the church is the bride of Christ. The church is not simple but profound and rich in meaning; there are many aspects – many […]

Being Properly Aggressive in the Lord’s Recovery for His Interests on Earth Today

Nehemiah is a pattern to us, and him being properly aggressive for the Lord and His interest, having a heart for the Lord’s recovery of the city of God, the rebuilding of the wall of the city, is something we all need to learn to have. The crucial point in the book of Nehemiah is […]

Being Reconstituted by being Educated with the Heavenly Truths to be God’s Testimony

Ezra was a priestly scribe who reconstituted the people of Israel by educating them with the heavenly truths, so that Israel could become God’s testimony. Today we need to be reconstituted by being educated with the heavenly truths in God’s word so that we may be the church as the testimony of God. Ezra was […]

We need to be Priestly Teachers Saturated with God and Skillful in the Word of God

In the recovery and rebuilding of the temple and the city God raised up Ezra, a priestly scribe, to strengthen and enrich His recovery. Today the Lord needs many like Ezra who are priestly teachers contacting God knowing God’s word, being saturated with God, and being skillful in God’s word to teach and minister God […]

We need to See that the Lord’s Recovery is Different from Today’s Christianity

The Lord’s recovery is different from today’s Christianity, and it is impossible for there to be reconciliation between the Lord’s recovery of the church and Christianity. This may sound like a strong statement – and it really is a strong statement, but this is the absolute truth. If the Lord has mercy on us to […]

The Recovery of the Church in Relation to God’s Intention and Satan’s Destruction

What God desires to gain in this age is the church, and this week we want to see the original condition of the church, the degradation of the church, and the recovery of the church. According to Ephesians and to the experience of all those who seek God, there’s something hidden in the heart of […]

Preaching the Gospel concerning the Economy of the Mystery Hidden in God – the Church

The matter of the church is not that simple – the church is the mystery of Christ, the Body of Christ in God’s eternal economy, and we should preach the gospel concerning the economy of the mystery hidden in God. The universe with its vastness, the earth with all the things in it, the animals, […]