Continually Experiencing Christ in His Inward Parts for the Church as the One New Man

We need to be those who are continually experiencing Christ in His inward parts for the church as the one new man. We need to learn from the apostle Paul to remain in the inward parts of Christ, have a feeling for the Body, and live the church life with the consciousness of the new […]

Living in the Inward Parts of Christ and Realising our Equal Status in the New Man

In the church as the one new man all believers have an equal status, for they all are filled and saturated with Christ, and they love one another in faith by living in the inward parts of Christ. In Colossians we see both the definition and the practical application of the one new man with […]

We need to Practice the Church Life with the Consciousness of the One New Man

The one new man has been created by Christ on the cross to be the entity that fulfills God’s purpose, and today we need to live the church life with the consciousness of the one new man. We need to realise that our living of the church life in the locality and country where the […]

Cooperating with the Lord to Recover the New Testament Priesthood of the Gospel

We need to be one with the Lord and cooperate with Him to recover the New Testament priesthood of the gospel, bringing every member of the Body into function in his measure in the Body of Christ. The revelation in the Bible concerning us as believers and members of the Body of Christ has been […]

Developing our Organic Function as Members and Prophesying to Build up the Church

As we are being perfected in the group meetings we should all pursue and desire prophesying, speaking and listening in mutuality, for the stirring up of the spiritual organic function of the members of the Body for the building up of the Body. The church is an organism, the mingling of God and man, produced […]

We Practice the Fellowship of the Body when we Come to the Lord’s Table and Eat the Bread

There is only one Body in this universe, and in all the local churches we express it here on earth; when we come to the Lord’s table, we come to practice the fellowship of the Body, for by eating the one bread we testify that we all are one! On one hand each one of […]

Fellowship means we are One Spirit with the Lord: we Enjoy Him and Keep the Oneness

We have been called into the fellowship of the Son of God (1 Cor. 1:9), that is, we have been called to be one spirit with the Lord and with the saints to enjoy all that Christ is and enjoy all that He is in the saints. The word fellowship is very much used among […]