God has Called us into the Fellowship of His Son, the Participation in Christ

Fellowship is the reality of the church life, for God has called us into the fellowship of His Son – He called us into the participation in Christ, the all-inclusive One. Our God is faithful – He called us into the fellowship of His Son, Jesus Christ our Lord (1 Cor. 1:9). This fellowship is […]

Treasuring Christ and Serving, Testifying, and Loving the Lord in the Church Life

In the church life we all have three main functions: serving, testifying, and loving; we serve the Lord, we testify of His resurrection life which we experience, and we love Him and pour out everything on Him. This is our experience and our testimony in the church life, and this is what we also see […]

Having a Proper Concept of Value and Treasuring Christ above All Persons and Things

As believers in Christ we need to have a change in our concept of value to treasure Christ above all, for He is the preciousness to us. The reason we love the Lord and we love the church life so much that we are willing to offer everything we have and are for the Lord […]

Loving the Lord to the Uttermost in the Church Life and Wasting Ourselves upon Him

In the church life we have many functions, such as serving the Lord practically with many outward things, testifying of His resurrection life with its power, and loving the Lord to the uttermost and pouring what we have most precious upon Him. In John 12 we see a picture of the genuine church life, for […]

God Desires to have Christ and the Church for His Expression and Dominion on Earth

In Genesis 2 we see a picture of Christ and the church in the types of Adam and Eve; God wants not only Christ (as typified by Adam) but also the church – God wants Christ and the church. Christ is the mystery of God, He is the explanation and expression of God, and He […]

Loving the Lord and being Washed by His Living Word to be the Counterpart of Christ

This week we are enjoying one of the most wonderful statuses of the church – the church as the counterpart of Christ, the bride of Christ; the work in the Lord’s recovery is His genuine work to prepare His bride. A counterpart is one that closely resembles another; it is one that has the same […]

Not Denying the Lord’s Name but being Saved from Confusion, Scattering, and Mixture

As we read the Bible and realise the principle of Babylon, we need to be saved from denying the Lord’s name and from any confusion, scattering, and mixture. God hates Babylon and the principle of Babylon, for this great city is first of all the culmination of man’s endeavor to build something to make a […]