Christ as light brings in life, and His shining in us daily saves us, rescues us, and delivers us

Christ as light brings in life, and His shining in us daily saves us, rescues us, and delivers usThis morning I was encouraged to see that every day we need to come to the Lord and spend time with Him for Him to shine on us – and this shining is saving us and rescuing us / delivering us! Christ is the Great Light (Isaiah 9:1-5), the true light (John 1:9), the light of life (John 8:12), and the light of the world (John 9:5).

This shining of the light of life is our daily salvation. Christ as light saves us every day by shining in us. We may have some problems or disagreements with other people, or something may bother us. But as we come to the Lord in the morning – we daily need to have a morning revival time – Christ as the light shines in us!

Even if there is just a small opening, like a “narrow crack” in our being as an opening to Him, Christ – as light in His word, as we exercise our spirit – shines into us through that little opening. As He shines in us, we see ourselves and we just repent, even with tears.

In addition to having a time with the Lord every morning to be shined on by Him and enjoy Him, we need to daily walk in Christ as the light. In 1 John 1:7 we see that

If we walk in the light, as He is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus Christ His Son cleanses us from every sin.

Walking in the light daily is like washing our hands – even though we take a shower in the morning and we’re clean, we still need to wash our hands many times during the day. Many times during the day we need to come to the Lord to be washed in His precious blood through the confession of our sins – under His shining.

Just contact the Lord during the day, opening your being to Him – He will shine on you again and again, and you just have to agree with what the light exposes. This continual shining and then washing is our daily salvation. The Lord’s light shines on us, and it brings life to us. Light issues in life – the more the light shines on us, the more life we have.

And then, when we meet with the other saints in the home meetings, prayer meetings, young people’s meeting, truth meeting, vital group meeting, group meetings, Lord’s Table meeting, prophesying meeting – in all kind of meetings – and we speak about the Christ that we enjoyed, light shines again! The speaking of Christ brings in light, and this light saves us more and more. Hallelujah, we are people of light, and we walk in the light in the church life! This is all due to Christ being the great light.

One other effect of the light we receive in our fellowship with the Lord is that we are being delivered and released. Christ has been called and appointed by God to be a light for the nations, to open the eyes of the blind, and to bring the prisoner out of prison and those who dwell in darkness from the prison house (Isaiah 42:6-7).

As the true light shining in the world, Christ delivers His people out of the darkness of death, the death-realm, the authority of Satan, into God’s life-realm of light – by His shining(1 Pet. 2:9; Acts 26:18)!

Firstly, Christ is the light of life for our regeneration (1 Pet. 1:23), and then He continually saves us and delivers us by His shining as we turn to Him! [read this portion in Spanish also via Cristo como la luz nos introduce en la vida y Su brillar en nosotros nos salva a diario, nos rescata y nos libera]

Lord, keep us open to Your shining on us every day! We want to welcome the light, not oppose or fight with the light, but agree with the shining, and even desire Your shining on us again!

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  1. Here is a small song based on this post, on the tune of "From My Spirit Within", hymn #1191

    Through His shining on us,
    Jesus releases us
    From bondage, He does brake the rod–
    Of our oppressor, and–
    He does break the yoke–
    The yoke of the burden on us.

    Hallelujah, in light we're set free;
    And this Christ, He is ever more being–
    Constituted into us, still the more!
    May we live in the light, O dear Lord!