Christ put away sin once and for all and He imparted Himself as the divine life into us!

Christ put away sin once and for all and He imparted Himself as the divine life into us!This week in the morning revival on Crystallization Study of Psalms(1) we are enjoying Christ in His sufferings (in the first part of the week) and Christ as the Factor to Enact God’s New Testament Economy (in the last part of the week). These past few days we have been enjoying how God wants to change the age – from the age of the old testament economy where man has to offer sacrifices for sin, to the age of the New Testament economy, where Christ is the unique sacrifice.

Christ changed the age from the old to the new

Why do we need to know the fact that Christ is the factor to enact God’s New Testament economy? Why is it important to see that Christ replaced all the sacrifices and ordinances with Himself, fulfilling them and replacing them? As I was reading the morning revival I was praying, Lord, unveil me to see what’s in Your heart and what’s on Your mind about this! Lord, give me an appreciation for this change of the age from the old to the new! Show me what You see, Your view, in this matter!

Brother Lee says that the Lord Jesus changing the age from the old to the new testament economy is greater than the creation of the universe mentioned in Genesis 1 (see Life-Study of the Psalms, msg. 18). God’s creation of the universe is very crucial – without it, man wouldn’t be here; the Lord Jesus changing the age from the old creation to the new creation is very important also – without it, we would have no way to enter into God’s economy and enjoy His salvation! This is a great change – He discards everything of the old (since it is accomplished, fulfilled, and terminated) and everything is new in Christ, the unique replacement!

Christ put away sin once for all

In the Old Testament the only way to deal with sin is to offer the sacrifice for sin to God for the covering of sin. But Christ came as the reality of all the sacrifices and He didn’t just cover our sins – He deals with sin, terminates sin, removes sin, forgives us of our sin, and even removes the spot or the mention of the sin once it is confessed (Heb. 10:1-18; 1 John 1:9)! Once we confess our sins, sin has been put away and has been forgiven – “Where forgiveness of these is, there is no longer an offering for sin”.

This is the reason Paul in Hebrews keeps talking about Christ dealing with sin once and for all – he talks about it in Hebrews 7, 8, 9, and even in 10. We need to have a turn in our mind and a change in our view – there’s nothing we can do about our sins, there’s no sacrifice we need to bring to God, except confess our sins! The Only One qualified to deal with our sins and remove our sins is the Lord Jesus Christ Himself! Christ is the unique sacrifice – come to Him, believe in Him, and confess your sins – He forgives, washes, cleanses, and even forgets!

Christ imparted His divine life into us

The two great things Christ did in God’s economy while being on earth were that He put away the sin (through His death on the cross) and He imparted His divine life into His believers (in His resurrection). Christ doesn’t just “wash us and cleanse us from our sins” – He dispenses His divine life into us, which life is a sin-dealing and sin-overcoming life! On the one hand, Christ dealt with sin on the cros, and on the other hand, Christ imparts Himself as life into our being to spread in us and operate in us, delivering from the very power of sin!

We don’t need to be only cleansed, forgiven, washed, and reconciled to God – we need to have another life added to us, a life which can overcome sin. We are a constitution of sin, producing sin continually and living in sin whenever we are not in our mingled spirit one with the Lord. This is why we need another life – the divine life, the sin-overcoming and sin-dealing life – to come into us and saturate every fiber of our being. Christ has imparted His divine life into us and He is how making us His reproduction by growing in us, spreading in us, and saturating us with His divine life!

[sharing inspired from the life-study of the Psalms msg. 18 and the life-study of Hebrews msg. 41, as quoted in the Morning Revival on the Crystallization-Study of Psalms (1); you can get the morning revival book online or become a fan on Facebook for more updates. Intro: Christ changed the age.]

Lord, open our eyes to see the turn of the age You made from the old to the new testament, from the old to the new creation! O, Lord, grant us to see You as everything to us in God’s New Testament economy! You replace all the sacrifices, and You are even our life! Lord, thank You for Your precious blood which washes away our sins… Lord, thank You for Your life in us which delivers us from the power of sin!

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  1. Thine the cup of suff’ring, Mine the cup of blessing;
    For Thy love in Thy redemption, Praise we ever sing!