Christian Students on Campus – some blogs filled with the enjoyment and experience of Christ!

Christian Students on Campus - some blogs filled with the enjoyment and experience of Christ!I have recently stumbled onto and discovered some dear saints online – especially students – who are in the USA. As students, they meet on the campus and enjoy Christ together as “Christian Students on Campus” wherever they are. Of course, you can find such pages with such people on facebook also, and there are many activities being documented there, including some youtube videos, pictures, gatherings, outings, etc. Wonderful! But more specifically I just discovered these dear saints(most of whom I never met) – and I enjoyed their portion of Christ! So here are some of these students who enjoy the Lord + share about it online also – with some of the portions I enjoyed on their blogs(please note that the list is incomplete – it is being perfected as I discover more saints…).

  • Chris – Gain Me Fully! A dear brother in Christ meeting with Christian Students on Campus in UT in Austin, Texas. I enjoyed his portion on the Morning Revivalmore specifically, “Morning revival simply refers to the first few minutes of your day when you contact the Lord. You can pray, sing, read the word, whatever you feel allows you to touch your spirit and contact the Lord the most.”
  • Leon Dean – Come, See A Man! A lover of Christ who studies at University of Texas and enjoys Christ with Christian Students on Campus. His blog is about his personal experiences and enjoyment in his time and fellowship with the Lord and with the saints. Just as the Samaritan woman met the Lord and left her waterpot to go call the people in her city, Come See A Man who told me everything…
  • Nikki – He is Faithful – Faithful is He who calls you, who also will do it(1 Thessalonians 5:24). A fresh graduate from UT Austin, she shares of her experience with the Lord. I love this simple and honest prayer to the Lord, “Anyway, despite everything, Lord… I just want to enjoy You, seeing nothing and no one but You, “lead me higher up the mountain, give me fellowship with Thee… ” How evil it is for us not to enjoy You. How glorious it is for man to enjoy You. Lord, help us, strengthen us, be the fighting one in us, to enjoy You, with others…”
  • Jason Aldaz – But You O Man of God, a working brother who loves the Lord and enjoys Him in the church life. He daily experiences the Lord and even though he has questions, he realizes he needs to come to Him every day… I love his sharing on the Homes, The homes will make or break any seeker. I have enjoyed my times in the homes, getting connected to families, and being built up with others. I have truly have been blessed to have been raised by the saints in the church in Austin. I have a huge family with many parents, thanks to the church-life.
  • P.Limanjaya – Lord, You are… – in her own words of testimony, I grew up in a Christian home, but I never knew that Christ can be our life until a couple years ago I joined Christian Students on Campus at UT and now I realized that I have a spirit! And this spirit can be filled by God, slowly Christ becomes my life. Just like Galatians 2:20, “For its no longer I, but Christ who lives in me…” Read her sharing from the home meetings, enjoyment of the Lord in her time with Him, etc.
  • Vania’s blog – another lover of Christ who meets with Christian Students on Campus and doesn’t just “read the Bible”, but allows the Word of God to saturate and permeate her so that His thinking becomes her thinking little by little… – I enjoyed her article with pictures and descriptions about – We are God-Bottles. Made to be filled with God!

These are only SOME of the many lovers of the Lord online – and please leave a comment below if you found any other – who are not ashamed to declare their love for the Lord and for the church life. I love reading their blogs and sometimes commenting there with my portion or something from my experience. Why not, since we are online, share about this wonderful Christ? We daily eat of Him, we are filled with Him, and He is becoming our constitution within. Why be a Silent Christian? Are we students? Let’s speak to the ones around us about Christ, and even post on our Facebook pages / wall concerning what we recently enjoyed of Him. Or, even better, why not start a blog that we dedicate to the Lord for His expression and His speaking to us and through us!?! How we love You, Lord!

[Note: please contact me at if you found more loving seekers of the Lord who pursue Him and have a blog – I would love to hear from you about them! Also, why not YOURSELF considering how to speak the Word of God even online? Consecrate your time online to the Lord: your time on facebook, on youtube, on twitter, and on reading news/blogs, etc. Give it to Him, open to Him, and you will see what He can do in you! ]