eating the tree of life and being organically one with Christ as branches abiding in the vine

eating the tree of life and being organically one with Christ as branches abiding in the vineHow much we praise and thank the Lord for His redemption! Because man fell, we are now born in sin and we are estranged from the life of God. But Christ opened a new and living way through His sacrifice on the cross, and now we can come back to God to take Him in as the tree of life (Heb. 10:20)! The requirements of God’s righteousness, holiness, and glory have been fully satisfied and met by Christ – now through the blood of Christ we come forward to God to enjoy life! All we have to do as believers is wash our robes in the redeeming blood of Christ and we have the right to enjoy the tree of life (Rev. 2:7)!

Eating the Tree of Life and Abiding in the Vine

Saints, we daily need to eat the tree of life – we have to daily take Christ in as our life supply, the portion allotted to us by God. We need to enjoy Christ early in the morning, turn to Him and enjoy Him all throughout the day, and enjoy Christ as the tree of life in the afternoon and in the evening. The enjoyment of Christ today is so real and so sweet – but it is still only a foretaste of the full taste we will have in the coming age! Today we enjoy Christ as the bread of life and as the tree of life – He is our life supply.

Also, when we believed into the Lord, we were grafted into Christ as a branch in the vine – now we not only eat Christ but we are also abiding in Christ as the vine. We are eaters of the tree of life and we are branches of the tree of life! We are branches in the vine tree, Christ as the spreading vine tree, and we enjoy the rich life juice, the rich sap, of Christ as the vine tree. We are not only eaters of Christ but are also branches of Christ (John 15:5). We eat Christ and we abide in Christ. As we abide in Him, He abides in us.

God wants to be organically one with man

The relationship that God intends to have with man is to be organically one with man. God seeks to be one with man and make man one with Him – this is why He puts us into Christ as the vine tree! We are not just “united with Christ” – we are organically one in the sense that we are becoming Him and He is becoming us. Christ is our life – we eat Him, take Him into us as life, and we abide in Him – and we are His living (He is expressed through us in our living and our living is His living).

“The highest standard of living for a Christian is to live the mingled life of a God-man. God’s purpose is to work Himself into us to the extent that He becomes us and we become Him, that we and He become completely identical in life, nature, and image. This is the pinnacle.”

God’s life has been grafted into our human life

Something happened when we called on the name of the Lord – God in Christ as the Spirit came into us as the divine holy breath, and we have been grafted into Christ! We received Christ into us and we have been put into Christ. We began an organic relationship with Christ by eating Him every day and taking Him into us as life, and we are in Him as the source of our life and supply. God’s life has been grafted into our human life – now we have a mingled life and we live a mingled living (Rom. 11:24)!

What a high view of our Christian life! What an elevated vision of the purpose of man’s being on earth! We were created in the image and likeness of God and God breathed into us that we may receive the life of God into our spirit! God’s life came into us and mingled with our life! Even if our life would be perfect, God would not have wanted it – God wants to mingle His divine life with our human life, He wants to be joined and mingled with man to be man’s life and everything! The life we live today as Christians is a mingled life by continually minding our mingled spirit (Rom. 8:6).

[sharing inspired from, A Deeper Study of the Divine Dispensing, and, The Life-Study of Revelation, as quoted in the Holy Word for Morning Revival on, The Four Great Pillars in the Lord’s Recovery. You can purchase the morning revival book online, follow the articles on The Four Great Pillars on this blog and become a fan on Facebook for more updates. ]

Thank You Lord we have the right and the privilege to come and eat the tree of life! We are those who wash their robes that they may eat of the tree of life. Lord, keep us eating and keep us open to Your infusing and dispensing. Thank You for grafting us into Christ, into the Triune God. Now we are just branches abiding in the vine, absorbing all the riches from the life sap in Christ. O, Lord, make us so much more one with You – deepen this organic union!

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