enjoying the Lord Jesus and partaking of Him at the Lord’s Table Meeting on the Lord’s Day!

enjoying the Lord Jesus and partaking of Him at the Lord's Table Meeting on the Lord's Day!The most important meeting of the week and the meeting you CANNOT miss is the Lord’s Table Meeting. Instituted by the Lord Jesus before His departure from the earth to be a replacement of the Passover and the real Passover (Luke 22:20; 1 Cor. 11:25), the Lord’s Table Meeting is for us to remember the Lord and also to partake of Him!

The preciousness of the Lord’s Table meeting

I love the Table Meeting of the church! There is one Body in the universe, and we express it here on earth – we stand as one in each locality and cannot be divided because our oneness is of Christ alone (hymns #1107)! By eating the bread (which signifies the Lord’s body broken for us) and drinking the wine(which signifies the Lord’s blood shed for us) we remember the Lord, we partake of the Lord, and we declare our oneness with all the believers!

Because of the Lord Jesus who died for us and came into us to be our life we now can be one with all the believers in the world! Before, “we were friends only with those who were friends with us”; now that we have the divine life in us and we daily enjoy the Lord, we love all the brothers and the sisters, and we love to partake of the Lord Jesus together!

The Lord’s Table is a feast and a declaration!

Actually, the Lord’s Table meeting – of which we partake on the Lord’s Day – is a feast, where all the believers come together to feast on Christ! It is our declaration to the whole universe that we as the Body of Christ eat Christ and drink Christ and live because of Christ (John 6:57). It is a declaration to the entire universe that we are partakers of Christ, enjoyers of Christ, and that we daily are enjoying Him and taking Him in as our life and our life supply.

Also, the Lord’s Table Meeting declares to the entire universe that we keep the oneness of the Body of Christ! We are not a sect, we don’t gather on any other ground but the local ground of the church – the genuine ground of oneness – and we are one with all the believers in Christ who love the Lord and want to enjoy the Lord with us!

I personally LOVE the Lord’s Table meeting – it is the most meaningful thing a human being can do on a Lord’s Day! Actually, think about it – it is not YOUR day, it is the Lord’s Day, so on the Lord’s Day we partake of the Lord with the saints at the Lord’s Table Meeting! What better thing can you do on the Lord’s day except meet with the Lord and with the saints to have a feast together?

The Lord’s Table – the bread and the cup

The bread on the table is a symbol both of the body of Christ which was broken for us AND of the mystical Body of Christ of which we are members and are one with!

The wine on the table is a symbol of the blood the Lord shed for us on the cross to redeem us; He drank the cup of wrath, and now this cup has become a cup of blessing for us!

The fact that the bread and the wine are separated means that the Lord’s body and His blood were separated on the cross: He died for us, His body was broken for us and His blood was shed for our redemption. We remember His death and we remember the Lord Himself at His table. What a precious meeting we have every week – enjoying the Lord Jesus at the Lord’s Table Meeting on the Lord’s Day!

Worshipping the Father after the Lord’s Table

After the Table Meeting, following the example the Lord Jesus set before us in the garden of Getsemani, we offer praises to the Father (Luke 19:37). After we remember the Lord by eating and drinking Him, we praise the Father for this wonderful Christ! Actually, it is Christ in us who sings praises to the Father – in the midst of the assembly He praises the Father.

O, to call God, ABBA FATHER, DEAR FATHER… – this is the enjoyment of our days! God is not just our Creator, but He is also our Father, our Daddy!

We love our Father, we appreciate His intention and His plan, and we are His many sons destined for glory! We are the sons of God praising Him together with our elder brother, Jesus Christ the Firstborn Son of God! Praise the Lord!

Lord, uplift our appreciation for the Lord’s Day and for the Lord’s Table Meeting! Gain the praises that You desire, Lord! Gain Your satisfaction… gain the rememberance You desire. May we drop anything else every Lord’s Day and just enjoy You! Bring our whole being into Your name – into Your very Person – and may we enjoy You with the saints on the ground of oneness! Praise the Lord!

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