Cooperating with the Heavenly Ministry of the Ascended Christ (HWMR)

Cooperating with the Heavenly Ministry of the Ascended Christ - Holy Word for Morning RevivalBased on the 2017 Spring ITERO (31 March – 2 April 2017 in Anaheim, California, USA), the series of messages on, Cooperating with the Heavenly Ministry of the Ascended Christ, bring us into a deeper realization of what the heavenly ministry of Christ is, and how we can cooperate with Him.

Our Christ is NOT merely a past Christ or a future Christ; our present Christ is in His heavenly ministry doing many things, being very busy, and we as His people – the members of His Body on earth – need to give Him our utmost cooperation.

May we no longer limit the ascended Christ in His heavenly ministry but cooperate with Him by setting our mind on the things which are above!

Enjoy below a compilation of enjoyment in this Holy Word for Morning Revival (together with the ministry books, the Recovery Version, the spoken messages, and the personal study in the Lord’s presence). You can buy this book via living stream ministry, amazon, iTunes, or google play online.

Holy Word for Morning Revival – Cooperating with the Heavenly Ministry of the Ascended Christ

Week 1 – Seeking the Things which are Above

  1. Seeking the Things which are Above, where Christ is Sitting at the Right hand of God
  2. Being in Ascension with Christ and Seeking the Things related to the Ascended Christ
  3. God made Jesus in His Ascension both Lord and Christ to Carry out God’s Economy
  4. Christ was made Head over All things to the Church: Enjoy the Divine Transmission!
  5. Turning to our Spirit and Calling on the Name of the Lord to Seek the Things Above
  6. Experiencing the Dividing of our Soul from our Spirit to Seek the Things Above

Week 2 – The Apostolic Ministry in Cooperation with Christ’s Heavenly Ministry to Shepherd the Church of God as His Flock for the Building up of the Body of Christ

Week 3 – The Pattern of the Apostle Paul in Cooperating with Christ’s Heavenly Ministry to Shepherd People for the Building up of the Body of Christ

  1. Paying more Attention to Life than to Work and Seeing how Paul was a Pattern in Shepherding
  2. Paul was a Pattern of Living and Ministering Christ as the Spirit in his spirit
  3. The Best way to Shepherd People is to give them a Proper Pattern of Living Christ
  4. How our Manner of Life plays a Great Role in Shepherding Others According to God
  5. Learning to Cherish the Believers as a Nursing Mother and Not Assuming any Authority
  6. Being willing to be Spent on behalf of the Saints and Exhort them to Walk Worthily of God

Week 4 – Propagating the Resurrected Christ under the Heavenly Ministry of the Ascended Christ

  1. God Exalted Christ in His Ascension and made Him Lord of All, the Christ, and the Leader
  2. We’re Resurrected and Ascended with Christ, having Him as Life within and Power without
  3. Acting and Working in the Body and for the Body in the One Divine Stream of God
  4. Christ has a Body of His Witnesses who Bear His Living Testimony for His Propagation
  5. We are Witnesses of the Resurrected Christ in our Word, our Life, and our Action
  6. Having a Prevailing Move in Life that Corresponds to Christ’s Heavenly Ministry

Week 5 – The Revelation, Experience, and Enjoyment of the Ascended Christ as the Merciful, Faithful, and Great High Priest

  1. Christ as our High Priest is Interceding for us and He is Ministering God into us
  2. Our Aaronic High Priest Removed Sin and our Kingly High Priest Ministers God into us
  3. Christ in His Heavenly Ministry is the Divine High Priest Saving us to His Perfection
  4. Christ is Fully Qualified and Able to be our Merciful and Faithful High Priest
  5. Coming to the Throne of Grace in our Spirit to enjoy Christ as our great High Priest
  6. Christ’s Care for us is Always Positive, for He cares for God’s Need and Interests

Week 6 – Responding to Christ’s Intercession in His Heavenly Ministry

  1. As our High Priest, Christ is Able to Save us to the Uttermost, the Fullest Extent
  2. Christ can Save us Completely because He is Interceding for us and He Lives in us
  3. Christ is Interceding for us to be Glorified, be Saved to the Uttermost, and Overcome
  4. The Spirit Joins in to Help in our Weakness and Intercede for us according to God
  5. We need to Respond to Christ’s Intercession by Exercising our Spirit to Intercede
  6. Standing in the Position of Ascension to Pray with Authority and Execute God’s Commands

Week 7 – Practicing the Church Life under the Ministry of Christ as the Minister of the True, the Heavenly, Tabernacle

  1. As Minister of the True Tabernacle, Christ Ministers Himself to us by His Dispensing
  2. The Church is a Living Composition of the Sons of God, the many Brothers of Christ
  3. Living by the Divine Life, with an Uplifted Humanity, by the Cross in the Church life
  4. Christ is God’s Appointed Heir, and we are His Joint-Heirs, Christ’s Partners
  5. The Church is the present Sabbath Rest and the Unshakable Kingdom of God today
  6. Go Outside the Camp to Christ and Offer God a Sacrifice of Praise through Christ

Week 8 – Cooperating with Christ in His Heavenly Ministry by Running with Endurance the race Set before us, Looking Away unto Jesus, the Author and Perfecter of our Faith

  1. Having a Cloud of Witnesses Surrounding us, let us Run the Race to Win the Prize!
  2. Put away any Encumbrance to Run the race with Endurance by Looking away unto Jesus
  3. Looking Away unto Jesus to be Infused with Himself as our Faith and Run the Race
  4. Exercising our Spirit of Faith, our Sixth Sense, to be Assured of the Things of God
  5. Faith makes us Pleasing to God, for Faith is to Believe that God is and We are NOT
  6. Contacting the Living Lord to be Infused with Him as Faith and be Perfected in Faith