Crystallization-Study of Exodus (1)

Crystallization-Study of Exodus (1)Based on the 2014 winter training and the ministry of brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee, the Crystallization Study of Exodus (1) is a close look at the crystals in the book of Exodus up to the people of Israel’s arriving at the mountain of God. What a privilege to see God’s calling, the burning thornbush, the priesthood, dealing with the flesh, and many other crystals in this book!

You can purchase the Holy Word for Morning Revival on Exodus (crystallization study, part 1) via LSM online here. Below is a compilation of the enjoyment and overflow in the HWMR book and in the messages given by the brothers, with the help of the life-studies and the Recovery Version Bible.

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Crystallization-Study of Exodus (1)

Week 1 – A Revelation of God and God’s Building as the Goal of His Salvation, Provision, and Revelation

  1. 14 Crucial Aspects of the Revelation of God in the Book of Exodus – We Love God!
  2. A Revelation of the Divine Trinity in the Types and Pictures in the Book of Exodus
  3. Seeing how God’s Building is the Goal of His Salvation, Provision, and Revelation
  4. God’s Goal is His Building; God’s Building is God’s Thought and Purpose in Exodus
  5. Taking God’s Building as the Direction of our Life by being Delivered from the World
  6. Building up God’s Dwelling Place with the Christ we Enjoy, Experience, and Offer to God

Week 2 – A Complete View of God’s Calling of Moses as the Standard Model of God’s Servant

  1. Moses: Rejecting the Natural Strength and Ability to be Useful to God in Resurrection
  2. Called by God at the Back Side of the Wilderness, from Within, with No Human Opinion
  3. We are a Redeemed Thornbush with the Triune God of Resurrection Burning Within Us
  4. Having a Revelation of the God who Calls us: the great I AM, the God of Resurrection
  5. Knowing the Purpose of God’s Calling and Dealing with Satan, the Flesh, and the World
  6. Being Willing to be Matched in the Body and Cut in our Natural Life to be Useful to God

Week 3 – The Purpose of God’s Calling

  1. God wants to Deliver us from the World (a place of bondage) that we may Serve Him
  2. The Purpose of God’s Calling to Bring out Satan’s hand into the All-Inclusive Christ
  3. Being Separated unto God and Coming to the Mountain to see a Revelation of God
  4. Journeying Onward to Enter into the Good Land and have a Corporate God-man Living
  5. God’s Calling is According to His Purpose in Christ through the Gospel to be Holy
  6. God Called us in the Fellowship of Christ, into His Sufferings, and unto His Glory

Week 4 – The Corporate Thornbush

  1. Individually and Corporately we are a Thornbush Burning with the Triune God as Fire
  2. The Thornbush is Gradually Sanctified and Transformed to Become God’s Dwelling Place
  3. The Divine Economy: the Church is the Triune God Burning within Redeemed Humanity!
  4. Based on God’s Redemption, the Excluding Flame has Become the Indwelling Spirit!
  5. The Church is Glorious: it is a Corporate Thornbush Indwelt by the Triune God!
  6. The Church is a Corporate Thornbush Burning with the Triune God of Resurrection

Week 5 – The Passover

  1. God Intends for us to Remember Christ’s Redemption in a Specific and Detailed Way
  2. Christ is the Passover Lamb: Spotless, Perfect, Fresh, and Willing to Die for Us
  3. Eating Christ as the Lamb of God who was Roasted by the Fire of God’s Judgement
  4. Eating Christ as the Lamb with Unleavened Bread and Bitter Herbs to become God’s Army
  5. Exercising our Little Faith to Apply the Blood and Remaining in Christ as the House
  6. Keeping the Feast of the Unleavened Bread by Eating Christ as the Sinless Life

Week 6 – The Exodus from Egypt and the Crossing of the Red Sea

  1. Being Delivered from the World by the Power of our Saving God and by Eating Christ
  2. Breaking Away from the World and Plundering it, being Watchful, and Enjoying Christ
  3. Experiencing the Resurrection Life to be Sanctified and have a New Beginning Daily
  4. Having the Lord’s Leading and Guidance through the Spirit and the Living Word of God
  5. God uses Satan to Glorify Himself and Carry out His Salvation for His Chosen People
  6. Being Released from Satan’s Usurpation through Baptism, a Declaration of our Faith

Week 7 – The Experiences of Marah and Elim

  1. Living in Resurrection after Being Separated from the World through our Baptism
  2. Casting the Resurrected Christ in our Bitter Situations makes the Bitter Waters Sweet
  3. Having the Experience of Marah, the Healing of the Bitter Waters, to become Overcomers
  4. The Experience of the Cross Tests us, Exposes us, and Allows God to Heal our Being
  5. Elim: God’s People Carry out His Ministry by His Flowing and Growing Divine Life
  6. The Result of the Flowing and Growing Life is an Army Fighting for God’s Purpose

Week 8 – The Glorious Triumph of Jehovah as a Man of War and the Continual War with Amalek

  1. Praise God for His Glorious Triumph over His Enemy and His Salvation of His People!
  2. Learning to Live a Life of Praise, Developing our Praise, and Being Persons of Praise
  3. Seeing that the Flesh is the Leading Enemy Frustrating us from Going on with the Lord
  4. Seeing how the Flesh is in Rebellion against God and Radically Dealing with the Flesh
  5. Cooperating with the Lord by Exercising our Spirit to Pray and Put the Flesh to Death
  6. Learning the Lesson of the Cross Daily to Deal with the Flesh and Live within the Veil

Week 9 – The Change of Diet to the Heavenly Christ as the unique Food for God’s People

  1. Our Real Need is to Eat Christ as the Bread of Life – He is our Daily Food Supply
  2. Eating, Digesting, and Assimilating Christ into our Being to Live because of Him
  3. Having a Change of Diet to Eating Christ as the Real Manna in our Christian Life
  4. Eating Nothing but Christ to be Reconstituted with Him and Build up the Church
  5. We need to See and Experience the Characteristics of Christ as our Daily Manna
  6. The Christ we Eat, Enjoy, Digest, and Assimilate today will be an Eternal Memorial

Week 10 – Drinking and Flowing the Water of Life in Resurrection

  1. God’s Intention is to be the Fountain of Living Waters for us to Drink of Him Today
  2. The Water that Flowed from Christ, the Rock, is the Water of Life in Resurrection!
  3. Knowing the Science of Drinking and Flowing the Water of Life in Resurrection

Week 11 – A Portrait of the Kingdom of God

  1. When the Flesh is Dealt with, the Kingdom of God comes in and the Church is Built Up
  2. The Gospel of the Kingdom Brings People under God’s Rule to become His Kingdom
  3. The Gospel Brings forth the Church, and the Kingdom is the Reality of the Church
  4. Living in the Kingdom of God as the Realm of the Divine Life by the Sense of Life
  5. The Kingdom of God is a Realm of Light (God Expressed) and Truth (God Realized)
  6. The Church as the Kingdom of God is a Realm of Grace, of Shepherding, and of Glory

Week 12 – A Kingdom of Priests

  1. God’s Intention is that All His Believers be Priests: we are a Kingdom of Priests!
  2. Realizing what a Priest is According to God’s Eternal Plan as Revealed in the Bible
  3. 13 Aspects of a Priest, a Particular Kind of Person who Serves God Continually
  4. A Priest is a Person Saturated and Filled with God until God Overflows through him
  5. As a Kingdom of Priests, we are Both a Holy Priesthood and a Royal Priesthood
  6. Being Recovered to Function as Priests for the Building of God’s House, the Church
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