Crystallization-Study of Exodus (2)

Crystallization-Study of Exodus (2) - Holy Word for Morning RevivalThe second training on the Crystallization-Study of Exodus is continuing the first part and looks closer to the law of God and its function, the covenants God made with man, the Slave of God, keeping the feasts, the worship of God, and many other matters in Exodus 19-24.

Praise the Lord for His rich up-to-date speaking and for the privilege to dive into the ministry, be constituted with God’s word, and overflow with what the Lord has touched us. May we be the loving seekers of God who enjoy God in His word, have His appearance, fellowship with Him, and see what is in His heart.

You can purchase the Holy Word for Morning Revival on Exodus (crystallization study, part 2) via Living Stream Ministry online (here and here), google playstore here, iTunes here, and on amazon (here and here). Below is a compilation of the enjoyment and overflow in the HWMR book and in the messages given by the brothers, with the help of the life-studies and the Recovery Version Bible.

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Crystallization-Study of Exodus (2)

Week 1 – The Law — the Testimony of God Revealing Him to His People and the Living Word of God to Infuse His Substance into His Loving Seekers

  1. The Law is the Testimony of God, the Expression of God, the Revelation of who God is
  2. Loving God and Regarding the Law as His Living Word through which we Contact Him
  3. The Law is the Living Word of God to Infuse His Substance into His Loving Seekers
  4. Keeping the Law not by our own Efforts but by being Infused with God to Live Christ
  5. We need to be the Loving Seekers of God and not the Letter-Keepers of the Law!
  6. The Highest Profession is to Spend time to be Infused with God to Shine Forth God

Week 2 – The Law — the Engagement Covenant between God and His People

Week 3 – The Word of God Being a Realm of Light in the Experience of God’s Loving Seekers

  1. God Himself Operates in us Through His Living Word as we Walk in the Divine Light
  2. Only in God’s Light we see Light: We see what God Sees, the True Condition of Things
  3. How the Word of God is a Realm of Light in our Experience as God’s Loving Seekers
  4. In the Word as a Realm of Light we Become Light in the Lord with the Fruit of Light
  5. Having a Proper Heart and Attitude toward the Lord to have His Shining in His Word
  6. Being Pure in Heart under the Skylight to Receive Light from the Lord in this Age

Week 4 – The Blessing Received by God’s Loving Seekers through the Function of the Word of God

  1. Enjoying the Blessing of Light becoming Life through the Function of the Word of God
  2. Allowing God’s Light to go Deeper in us to Bring in Life and cause Life to Grow
  3. Experiencing the Blessing of Being Watered and Absorbing God in His Living Word
  4. Enjoying the Blessing of Inhaling God: we Breathe Him through Pray-Reading the Word
  5. Enjoying God as our Portion in His Living Word: God in Christ is Everything to us!
  6. Remaining in the Shining of God’s Face in His Word to be Infused and Glow with God

Week 5 – Christ as the Slave of God and the Believers as Slaves of God and Christ Jesus in the Church Life

  1. Christ is the Slave of God Serving God and us out of Love: Let His Mind be in Us!
  2. Having the Spirit of a Slave to Serve and Obey God out of Love as the Lord Jesus did
  3. Let us Experience Christ as our Crucified Life by Letting His Mind be in us Today
  4. Learning to be Slaves of God and Sacrifice Everything for Others to Gain them for God
  5. As Slaves of God we Live to the Lord, not to Ourselves, because we are the Lord’s!
  6. We Believers in Christ must be Slaves of God and of Jesus Christ in the Church Life

Week 6 – The Covenanting God and His Covenants (1) Major Covenants That God Made with Man

  1. The Promise of the Seed of the Woman destroying Satan’s Head: Christ and His Overcomers
  2. Becoming the Man-Child by being Inwardly Strengthened and by Pray-Reading the Word
  3. God’s Covenant with Noah and the Rainbow: Enjoy God’s Faithfulness and His Promises
  4. God’s Covenant with Abraham: Receiving the Life-Giving Spirit as the God’s Blessing
  5. God’s Covenant with David: Christ as the Seed of David Carries out God’s Economy
  6. God’s Covenant with Israel: We Cannot Fulfill God’s Law, we need a New Covenant!

Week 7 – The Covenanting God and His Covenants (2) The Contents of the New Covenant

  1. Receiving and Enjoying Christ as the Covenant by Exercising our Mingled Spirit
  2. God was Processed to become the Law of the Spirit of Life Installed in our Spirit
  3. The three Laws in the three Parts of our Being and the Function of the Law of Life
  4. Switching On the Law of Life to be Sonized for the Building up of the Body of Christ
  5. In the New Covenant God is our God and we are His People, and we Know God Inwardly
  6. In the New Covenant God Forgives our Sins and by No Means Remembers them Anymore!

Week 8 – The Blood of the Covenant

  1. Having a Deeper Appreciation for the Blood of Christ, the Blood of the Covenant
  2. The Meaning of Moses’ Enacting the Law and God’s Intention in Decreeing the Law
  3. The Blood of the Covenant Brings us into God’s Presence to Receive His Speaking
  4. A Basic Principle in God’s Economy as seen in Moses’ Enacting the Law as a Covenant
  5. The Blood of Christ Brings us to God to Enjoy Him, Eat Him, Drink Him, and Serve Him
  6. The Blood of the Covenant is Primarily for God to be our Portion for our Enjoyment

Week 9 – Keeping Feasts unto God Three Times a Year Typifying the Full Enjoyment of the Triune God in Christ

  1. Let us Keep the Feast of Unleavened Bread by Purging away all the Sinful Things!
  2. Eating Christ as our Sinless Life Supply for us to Live a Pure Church Life
  3. The Feast of the Harvest: Enjoy the Firsfruits of the Spirit of the Resurrected Christ
  4. The Feast of Tabernacles: Fully Enjoying Christ in the Millennium and in New Jerusalem
  5. Keep the Feast by Blending, Praising, Enjoying, and being Reminded we’re Sojourners
  6. God wants us to Enjoy the Triune God in Christ Today and for Eternity as our Feast!

Week 10 – The Worship of God

  1. Seeing that only God is God, we choose to Worship God by Confessing that He is God!
  2. By the Christ who Lives in us, we Worship God by Serving God in the Body of Christ
  3. Worshipping God According to the Divine Revelation and Not Inventing our own Religion
  4. Principles of Worshipping God According to the Way Ordained by Him in His Word
  5. The True Worship of God Consists of Beholding God and of Eating and Drinking God
  6. Worshipping the Father in Spirit and Truthfulness and in the Divine Dispensing

Week 11 – The Angel of Jehovah for His People to Take Possession of the Promised Land

  1. Christ as the Angel of Jehovah was Sent by God to Care for us, Lead us, and Serve us
  2. Christ is the Angel of the Covenant to Dispense the Riches of the Triune God into us

Week 12 – The Vision of God in a Transparent and Clear Heaven and the Heavenly Vision concerning the Desire of God’s Heart to Have a Dwelling Place with Man on Earth

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