Crystallization-Study of Exodus (3)

Crystallization-Study of Exodus (3) - Holy Word for Morning Revival, enjoyment and sharing!The third part of the Crystallization-Study of Exodus – based on messages given in the 2015 winter training and portions in the ministry of Watchman Nee and Witness Lee – covers the crystallized significance and Christian experience of the major items of the tabernacle such as the ark of the testimony, the lampstand, the table with the bread of the presence, the golden incense altar, the laver for washing, the altar of the burnt offering, the expiation silver, the holy anointing oil, and the incense.

It is focused on the last sixteen chapters of Exodus, which show how we can experience Christ for the building up of the church as the dwelling place of God.

You can purchase the Holy Word for Morning Revival on Exodus (crystallization study, part 2) via Living Stream Ministry online (here), google playstore here, iTunes here, and on amazon (here and here). Below is a compilation of the enjoyment and overflow in the HWMR book and in the messages given by the brothers, with the help of the life-studies and the Recovery Version Bible.

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Crystallization-Study of Exodus (3)

The Ark of the Testimony

  1. The Ark of the Testimony Typifies Christ as the Embodiment and Testimony of God
  2. Christ’s Humanity is Strong in Character and High in Standard for Expressing God
  3. The Move of Christ by Men Bearing God’s Testimony by the Spirit through the Cross
  4. The Hidden Manna is the Christ we Enjoy in God’s Presence with No Distance Between us
  5. The Budding Rod: We are not Able, but what is Impossible with Man is Possible with God
  6. As the Divine Life Grows in us, the Law of Life Shapes us to the Image of Christ

The Expiation Cover—the Propitiation Place

The Table of the Bread of the Presence

  1. We All need to Learn to Feed on Christ: By Eating Jesus we Become His Testimony!
  2. The Bread of the Presence: Christ is the Food for the Believers as Priests to God
  3. Seeing Christ as God’s Testimony issues in Feasting on Christ to become His Testimony
  4. Being Built up in a Practical way to Feast on Christ as the Bread of the Presence
  5. Eating Christ as the Bread of God’s Presence, God’s Face, to Serve God as Priests
  6. Eating Christ and Displaying Him as the Bread of the Presence to God and His People

The Intrinsic Significance, Subjective Experience, and Organic Maintenance of the Golden Lampstand for a New Revival

  1. The Golden Lampstand Signifies the Triune God and the Church as God’s Expression
  2. The Local Churches are the Reproduction of Christ and the Reprint of the Spirit
  3. Paying the Price to Gain More God in His Divine Nature and being Blended Together
  4. The Triune God as a Living Golden Tree is Growing and Blossoming in us and with us
  5. Being Fully Open to the Lord for Him Shine on us, Expose us, and Infuse us with Life
  6. Christ takes care of the Local Churches by Cherishing them and Nourishing them

The Golden Incense Altar

  1. Seeing a Vision of the Golden Incense Altar: Christ Praying, Christ Interceding
  2. The Executing Center of God’s Administration in the Universe is the Incense Altar
  3. Carrying out Christ’s Intercession in our Prayers of Intercession in Oneness with Him
  4. When we Pray we need to be in God, have God in us, and Offer Christ as Incense to God
  5. Praying at the Incense Altar with no Strange Fire or Strange Incense in our Prayer
  6. Being Reduced to Nothing to Pray at the Incense Altar for God’s Move and Dispensing

The Altar of Burnt Offering

  1. The Altar of Burnt Offering and the Incense Altar are for Carrying out God’s Economy
  2. The Altar of Burnt Offering Typifies the Cross of Christ, the Base of All Spiritual Experience
  3. Christ Became a Man to Die on the Cross to Bear the Judgement of God for Us
  4. God’s Judgement Reached the Inward Parts of Christ as He Died for us on the Cross
  5. Christ Offered Himself through the Eternal Spirit: His Redemption is Eternally Effective

The Laver of Bronze

  1. The Laver of Bronze Exposes us and our Need to be Washed by the Life-Giving Spirit
  2. The Secret of our Functioning as Priests is being Washed by the Life-Giving Spirit
  3. Experiencing the Washing of the Life-giving Spirit from any Earthly Defilement
  4. Spiritual Foot-Washing in Love is Necessary for Maintaining a Pleasant Fellowship
  5. Daily Experiencing the Washing of Regeneration and the Renewing of the Holy Spirit
  6. Being Washed by the Water in the Word to be the Bride of Christ, a Glorious Church

The Expiation Silver for the Formation of an Army to Fight for God’s Interests and Move on Earth

  1. God’s Intention is to have a People Formed into an Army Fighting for His Interests
  2. At the Incense Altar we Pray for the Formation of an Army to Fight for God’s Interest
  3. Growing in Life unto Maturity to be Formed as an Army to Fight the Spiritual Warfare
  4. The Expiation Silver: we Fight one with Christ and in the Ascended Christ in Victory
  5. The Lord Conducts a Military Census: we need to Experience Christ as our Redemption

The Holy Anointing Oil

The Compound Spirit

  1. The Progressive Revelation of the Compound Spirit in the Bible and the Spirit of God
  2. The Spirit of Jehovah with the Element of the Triune God in God’s Relation with Man
  3. The Holy Spirit Sanctifies us Dispositionally to make us as Holy as God is Holy
  4. The Spirit is the Spirit of Reality, the Spirit of Jesus, and the Spirit of Christ
  5. Enjoying the Spirit of Jesus Christ, the Spirit of Life, and the Spirit of Grace
  6. Experiencing the Spirit as the Spirit of Glory and the Sevenfold Intensified Spirit

The Anointing of the Compound Spirit

  1. Being Painted by the Anointing Compound Spirit to have the Triune God Added to us
  2. The Inward Teaching of the Anointing adds God to our Being for us to Abide in Him
  3. The Triune God as the Anointing within is Teaching us Concerning Himself Subjectively
  4. The Anointing: Eternal Life, the Word of Life, Jesus, Christ, the Father, and the Son
  5. Not being Anti-Anointing or Antichrist but Enjoying the Triune God as the Anointing
  6. Do not Replace Christ with Anything else but Live According to the Inward Anointing

The Incense

  1. The Anointing brings God to us and the Incense is our going to God with Christ!
  2. The Ingredients of the Incense typify Christ with His Death and Resurrection
  3. Being Salted by the Cross in our Prayer for a Pleasant Fragrance to Ascend to God
  4. Praying with Christ as the Incense Satisfies God and Carries out His Administration
  5. Having a life of the two altars, and how the altar of burnt offering and incense are connected
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