Crystallization-Study of Exodus (4)

Crystallization-Study of Exodus (4) - Holy Word for Morning RevivalWe praise the Lord for His up-to-date speaking from the book of Exodus! In the fourth part of our Crystallization-Study of Exodus – based on the 2016 summer training and the ministry of W. Nee and W. Lee – we enjoy more “crystals” / main points of the truth in the book of Exodus, such as serving God, the tabernacle and the priesthood, the oneness in the Triune God, etc.

Hallelujah, we can be brought into a deeper oneness and experience of the Triune God for the building up of the church as the tabernacle and temple of God. You can purchase this HWMR via LSM, amazon, google play, and itunes. Enjoy below a collection of links pointing to overflow of enjoyment in this HWMR, and don’t forget to leave a comment with your portion also!

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Crystallization-Study of Exodus (4) – enjoyment from the Holy Word for Morning Revival

Week 1 / week 37: Going Outside the Idolatrous Camp and Entering within the Veil

Week 2 / week 38: Knowing God and His Ways

  1. We need to Know God and His Ways, and we Need to live with the Consciousness of God
  2. Knowing God’s Ways by Knowing the Principles by Which He Does things and Deals with us
  3. We Worship the Ways of God and we Know God Inwardly by means of the Eternal Life
  4. An Inward Knowledge of God by the Law of Life and by the Teaching of the Anointing
  5. We know the True One by Enjoying the Divine Reality and by being One with Him
  6. Being those who Know our God and who Show Strength and Take Action (Dan. 11:32)
  7. Prepare for prophesying on week 2, via churchnews.

Week 3 / week 39: Serving God

  1. We are Serving God by Feasting with God to Enjoy God with God and to Worship God
  2. To Serve God is to Hold a Feast to God and Sacrifice to Him by Enjoying Christ
  3. Serving God according to the Vision of God and the Pattern Shown on the Mountain
  4. The Blood of the Covenant Enables us to Serve God with the Divine Fire Indwelling us
  5. God Saved and Sanctifed us to Serve God as Priests: we are a Kingdom of Priests!
  6. God’s Building is the Desire of God’s Heart and the Goal of His Salvation
  7. In preparation for prophesying for week 3, see here.

Week 4 / week 40: The Three Tabernacles

  1. The Type, Reality, and Consummation of the Tabernacle, God’s Corporate Expression
  2. A Revelation of the Enjoyment of Christ as the Incarnated God in the House of God
  3. Taking Refuge at the Altar of Burnt Offering and Finding Home at the Incense Altar
  4. Experiencing Christ at the Two Altars to be Incorporated into God as seen in Psa. 84
  5. Dwelling in God’s House by Praising Him and Having the Highways to Zion in our Heart
  6. Enjoying and Experiencing Christ for the Church, the Dwelling Place of God (Psa. 84)

Week 5 / week 41: The Tabernacle and the Priesthood

  1. Seeing that Life and Building are the Basic and Central Revelation of the Bible
  2. The Church is Composed of God’s Redeemed People as a Spiritual House and a Priesthood
  3. We need to be Built up to be God’s Dwelling Place to Serve Him as the Priesthood
  4. Only when we are Built and Coordinated into the Building can we Serve the Lord
  5. The Emphasis in the Bible is on God’s Building; our Unique Need is to be Built Up
  6. Taking Christ as Life and Everything for us to be Transformed and Built up Together

Week 6 / week 42: The Oneness in the Triune God Typified by the Tabernacle

  1. The Oneness of the Body of Christ is the Enlarged Oneness of the Divine Trinity
  2. Being Overlaid with God as Gold to Practically Keep the Oneness of the Spirit
  3. Being Perfected into One by Gaining More God as Gold: Oneness is in the Triune God!
  4. Oneness is a matter of Sinking Deeply into the Triune God until We’re Mingled with Him
  5. It is only when we All are Transformed and Overlaid with God as Gold that are we one
  6. Allowing the Uniting Spirit to Cross us and Join us to other Believers in the Body

Week 7 / week 43: The Veil, the Screen, and the Two Aspects of Reconciliation

  1. The Spiritual Application of the Veil and the Screen in the Tabernacle in Exo. 26
  2. The Pillars for the Screen and the Veil are those one with Christ to bring People into God
  3. We need the Ministry of Reconciliation until we are in God and He is in us Absolutely
  4. The Screen and the Veil are Related to the Two Aspects of Reconciliation in 2 Cor. 5
  5. Christ was made Sin for us so that We might Become the Righteousness of God in Him
  6. Being Further Reconciled to God by the Application of the Cross to our Natural Life

Week 8 / week 44: Lighting the Lamps in the Sanctuary of God by Serving as Priests Clothed with the Expression of Christ

  1. We are Children of Light Walking in the Light and Lighting the Lamps as we Meet
  2. Being Saturated and Possessed by God to Light the Lamps in the Meetings of the Church
  3. We see the Divine Light when we are in our Spirit and in the Church, God’s Sanctuary
  4. Elements involved when we Experience the Lighting of the Lamps in the Church Meetings
  5. Lighting the Lamps involves every Aspect of our Experience in the Christian Life
  6. Being Priests Expressing Christ in our Living to Light the Lamps in the Meetings

Week 9 / week 45: The Breastplate – the Central and Ultimate Point of the Priesthood

  1. The Breastplate is Central Point of the Priesthood: God’s Leading is in the Church
  2. Being Mingled with God to be Transformed into Precious Stones Built up Together
  3. Being Transformed, Inscribed with Christ, and Built up to be Living Letters of Christ
  4. The Breastplate of Judgment with the Urim and the Thummim give us God’s Leading
  5. Seeking God’s Speaking and Leading by Reading the Actual Situation in God’s Light
  6. Requirements we must Fulfill for us as the Church to be the Breastplate of Judgment

Week 10 / week 46: The Eightfold Significance of the Tabernacle

  1. Experiencing the Redemption of Christ and the Manifestation of the Divine Nature
  2. Experiencing the Transformed Human Nature, Standing in Faith, and Being Balanced
  3. Being Completed by being Matched with other Saints for God’s Building and His Move
  4. Being Joined with others by and in the Holy Spirit with the Holding Power of the Divine Nature
  5. God’s Building is Covered by Christ in His Humanity and Redemption for our Protection
  6. Becoming Pillars in God’s Building to be an Entrance for others Deeper into God

Week 11 / week 47: The Workers of the Tabernacle and the Sabbath Rest in Relation to the Building Work

  1. Being in the Shadow of God’s Grace and under His Light, with a Noble and Pure Heart
  2. Having the Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge of the Spirit to Build up the Church
  3. Being Fully for God’s House and Coordinated with the Saints to Build up the Church
  4. Being Willing to be Emptied and Freshly Filled with the Spirit to Build up the Church
  5. The Principle of the Sabbath is that we First Enjoy God and Rest in Him, then we Work
  6. Taking the Lord as our Real Sabbath Rest and Laboring with Him as our Strength

Week 12 / week 48: The Erecting of the Tabernacle and the Tabernacle, the Cloud, and the Glory being a Full Type of the Triune God.

  1. The Desire of God’s Heart is Fulfilled when His Glory Fills the Tabernacle, the Church
  2. How Amazing it is that the Triune God is Embodied and Expressed Through the Church!
  3. The Spirit Anoints us for God’s Building and as the Cloud He Leads and Guides us
  4. The Triune God is Dispensing Himself into His People to gain His Corporate Expression
  5. Enjoying the Triune God in the Divine Dispensing for the Building up of the Church
  6. The Goal of God’s Eternal Purpose is to have a Corporate People as His Dwelling Place

PS. To prepare for prophesying, here’s a good resource link via churchnews.