Crystallization-Study of Genesis (3)

Crystallization-Study of Genesis (3)In the third and last part of the Crystallization-Study of Genesis we see the story of Jacob with Joseph. God selected, chose, and called Jacob, a supplanter, and this one passed through many dealings, breaking, and transformation to be matured as a prince of God, the Israel of God. Just like Jacob, we are selected by God, called by Him, being dealt with, broken, and transformed to be matured and built up as God’s habitation in this age and the New Jerusalem for eternity. In the Holy Word for Morning Revival on, Crystallization-Study of Genesis (3) we see how Jacob and Joseph were a type of us in experiencing Christ for the building of God. You can get the book online via Living Stream Ministry here, via iTunes, or via Amazon.

Crystallization Study of Genesis: part 1, part 2, part 3.

Week 25 (Msg. 1) – The Dream of Bethel

  1. Jacob’s Dream at Bethel was a Dream of God’s Goal, the Dream of the House of God
  2. The Significance of the Stone, the Pillar, the House of God, and the Oil in Gen. 28
  3. Being Transformed into Stones and Pillars Anointed with the Spirit for God’s Building
  4. The Church Life today is the Reality of Bethel, the Fulfillment of Jacob’s Dream
  5. Experiencing Christ as the Reality of the Heavenly Ladder Set up in our Spirit

Week 26 (Msg. 2) – Chosen, Dealt with, and Broken

  1. Since God Loved us and Selected us, we should Cast Ourselves on Him and Trust Him!
  2. Like Jacob, We have been Called for God’s Purpose and Our God is the God of Dealings
  3. Seeing that We are Under the Discipline of the Holy Spirit for our Transformation
  4. God has to Break our Natural Life; He has to Touch our Natural Life in a Drastic Way
  5. We need to Experience the Breaking of the Outer Man for the Release of God’s Life
  6. The Breaking of the Alabaster Flask to Release of Christ’s Frangrance for the Body

Week 27 (Msg. 3) – Transformation for God’s Building

  1. Today God is Doing only One Thing in this Universe: Building His Eternal Habitation
  2. Having a Divine View and Understanding of God’s Building Throughout the Bible
  3. Everything that Happens to us is Under God’s Sovereignty for our Transformation
  4. Struggling with God and Being Transformed by God into Israel, a Prince of God
  5. Going Along with the Lord’s Work of Transformation to be Conformed to His Image
  6. Transformation Issues in Building up the Church Consummating in the New Jerusalem

Week 28 (Msg. 4) – The Reality of Bethel and the Bringing forth of Christ as the Son of Affliction and the Son of the Right Hand

  1. Coming to Bethel (the Church) a Second Time and Having our Name Changed into Israel
  2. Advancing from the Individual Experience of God to the Corporate Experience of God
  3. Building an Altar at Bethel and Realizing God’s All-Sufficiency in the Church Life
  4. Being Poured out as a Drink Offering over the Building of God for His Satisfaction
  5. Entering into Full Fellowship with the Lord and with the Fellow Members of the Body
  6. God will Eventually Take Away our Natural Choice so that Christ may be Brought Forth

Week 29 (Msg. 5) – The Birthright

  1. Our Birthright as Men and Believers is to Enjoy God, Express God, and Represent God
  2. Not Despising or Losing but Enjoying the Birthright we Receive in God’s Sovereignty
  3. Fighting for Our Birthright and being One with Christ to Redeem Other’s Birthright
  4. In the New Testament Jubilee the Birthright is Shifted from Israel to the Church
  5. Enjoying and Proclaiming the Jubilee to Bring Others to Enjoy their Birthright
  6. Exercising our Birthright of Enjoying Christ and Being Priests and Kings to God

Week 30 (Msg. 6) – The Process of Maturity

  1. Being Brought on to Maturity by Being Filled with the Divine Life that Transforms us
  2. Maturity is Being Emptied to have an Increased Capacity to be Filled with God
  3. Becoming the Same as Christ and Reaching Maturity by Having our Will Subdued
  4. Being Diligent to Develop the Virtues of the Divine Nature to Grow unto Maturity
  5. Being Brought on to Maturity by Being Brought into the Word of Righteousness
  6. Presenting Every Man Mature in Christ by Ministering Christ to them for the New Man

Week 31 (Msg. 7) – The Life of Joseph as a Copy of the life of Christ and Living as a Sheaf of Life and as a Star of Light

  1. Joseph’s Life was a Copy of the Life of Christ (and how this Applies to us) Part 1
  2. Joseph’s Life was a Copy of the Life of Christ (and how this Applies to us) Part 2
  3. In God’s Eyes Each Believer is a Sheaf Full of Life, since God Sees us in Christ!
  4. Using the Divine Telescope to See God’s View: His People are Full of Life and Light
  5. Being Governed by the Way God Sees His People and No Longer Judging or Condemning
  6. As Kingdom People, We are Living as a Sheaf of Life and Shining as Stars of Light

Week 32 (Msg. 8) – Joseph – the Reigning Aspect of the Mature Life

  1. Living Always in the Presence of the Lord and Having Christ Constituted into us
  2. Having Boldness and Faith to Interpret Others’ Dreams and Speaking the Heavenly Vision
  3. Speaking the Heavenly Vision even while in the “Dungeon” on the Way to the Throne
  4. Christ Received Gifts in His Ascension and He Will Marry a Wife from the Gentiles
  5. Living under the Rulership of the Spirit within and Recognizing God’s Sovereignty
  6. Paying the Price to Obtain the Life Supply from the Lord and Give Others Food

Week 33 (Msg. 9) – Blessing

  1. Blessing is the Overflow of the Divine Life that Inwardly Changes us and Fills us
  2. The Strongest Sign of Maturity in Life is Blessing Others with the Christ We Enjoyed
  3. We are Channels of Life and Priests to God to Overflow God to Others as Blessing
  4. Jehovah Bless you, Keep you, Shine on You, be Gracious to you, and Give you Peace!
  5. Blessing Others with the Triune God as their Enjoyment with No Natural Manoeuvring
  6. Being God-men with Blessing Hands and Prophesying with Blessing Concerning Others

Week 34 (Msg. 10) – Jacob’s Prophesying with Blessing (1)

  1. Jacob’s Prophesying with Blessing: Reuben (Warning Concerning Indulging in Lusts)
  2. Our Natural Disposition can be Useful to the Lord in a Renewed and Transformed Way
  3. Jacob’s Prophesying with Blessing: Judah, a type of Christ as the Ultimate Overcomer
  4. In His Kingship Christ Comes as the Peace Bringer: We Enjoy Him as our Rest in Peace
  5. We’re Ships Sailing out with the Gospel through Prayer, the Spirit, and the Word
  6. Jacob’s Prophesying with Blessing Concerning Issachar potrays the Church Life Today

Week 35 (Msg. 11) – Jacob’s Prophesying with Blessing (2)

  1. Being Warned and Saved from the Apostasy of Dan by Repentance, Fellowship, and Blending
  2. Gad: Recovery with Victory and Fighting for the Saints’ Full Enjoyment of Christ
  3. Enjoying Christ as the Rich Provision of Life: He is the Secret of our Sufficiency
  4. Experience the Resurrected Christ and Speak Beautiful Words until We Possess the Earth
  5. We’re Enjoying the Universal Blessing of the Triune God as Joint Heirs with Christ
  6. Benjamin: the Dwelling Place of the Triune God with Man Consummating in New Jerusalem

Week 36 (Week 12) – Image and Dominion: the Heart of Genesis

  1. We were Created for the Purpose of Expressing God and Exercising His Dominion
  2. Living a Self-Denying Life under the Heavenly Vision to Bring in God’s Kingdom
  3. God’s Image and Dominion are Fulfilled in Christ and are the Issue of the Gospel
  4. Image and Dominion in Romans: We’re Conformed to Christ’s Image and we Reign in Life
  5. Living in the Kingdom of the God’s Son and Being the New Man to Fulfill God’s Purpose
  6. Be Satisfied with Normal Days under the Divine Dispensing for God’s image and Dominion
Crystallization Study of Genesis: part 1, part 2, part 3.