Crystallization-Study of Leviticus (1)

Crystallization-Study of Leviticus (1) - enjoyment from the Holy Word for Morning RevivalThe first part of the Crystallization-study of Leviticus was given during the 2017 winter training, and it focuses mainly on the offerings and our experience and enjoyment of these wonderful provisions God made for us to come to Him and enjoy Him.

This whole book, the book of Leviticus, is God Himself training His people – whom He has brought to Himself through a process – to worship Him and to partake of Him, so that they would live a holy life, a clean life, and a rejoicing life.

What a rich Christ we have – He is the reality of all the offerings, replacing them with Himself, and He bridges the gap between us and God, being the rich provision for us to enjoy with God, in God, and together with God.

You can purchase the Holy Word for Morning Revival via the Living Stream website, Amana Trust store, amazon, google play, and itunes.

The sharing of enjoyment in this rich training will be posted here shortly; in the meantime, enjoy the banners and sing them, and read the titles of the twelve messages.

Crystallization-Study of Leviticus (1) – Banners

Banner 1. Through His speaking in the Tent of Meeting, God trained His people to worship and partake of Him and to live a holy, clean, and rejoicing life.
Banner 2. We need to realize that we are not absolutely for God and that in ourselves we cannot be absolutely for God, and then we need to take Christ as our burnt offering — the One who lived a life that is absolutely for God.
Banner 3. By exercising our spirit to touch the Spirit consolidated in the Word, we are constituted with Jesus, and the human living of Jesus becomes our human living.
Banner 4. Christ is the peace-offering between God and God’s people for their co-enjoyment in fellowship to have the vital-group church life, to have the Lord’s table meeting, and to consummate in the New Jerusalem as the ultimate peace-offering.

You can download the music sheet in PDF format here, and the MP3 version of the song here.

Crystallization-Study of Leviticus (part 1) – Enjoyment

Week 1 – God Training His People to Worship and Partake of Him and to Live a Holy, Clean, and Rejoicing Life

Week 2 – Taking Christ as the Burnt Offering for God’s Satisfaction and Expression

Week 3 – The Continual Burnt Offering – a Living Sacrifice

Week 4 – The Vision and Enjoyment of the Meal Offering

Week 5 – Eating Christ as the Meal Offering to Become the Reproduction of Christ for the Fulfillment of God’s Purpose

Week 6 – The Revelation, Appreciation, and Application of Christ as Our Sin Offering

Week 7 – The Reality of the Sin Offering, the Bronze Serpent, and the Destruction of the Devil

Week 8 – Taking Christ as our Trespass Offering for God’s Purpose

Week 9 – Appreciating Christ as the reality of the Trespass Offering

Week 10 – Christ as the Peace between God and God’s People for their Co-enjoyment in Fellowship to Have the Vital-group Church Life and to Consummate in the New Jerusalem as the Ultimate Peace Offering

Week 11 – Experiencing Christ as the Peace Offering for the Body of Christ

Week 12 – Enjoying Christ as the Reality of the Peace Offering at the Lord’s Table to Present the Total Picture of God’s Economy

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