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Knowing Life and the Church - Holy Word for Morning RevivalThis HWMR is based on the 2017 Memorial Day Weekend Conference held in New York City, NY, USA, and inspired from the ministry of brothers Watchman Nee and Witness Lee.

Knowing Life and the Church” is not only based on the book with the same name by brother Lee, but it expands on it and applies it to our daily experience to meet the need in the Lord’s recovery today.

What the Lord desires to gain is a group of people who is the same as Christ and who are built up as the church, the Body of Christ, to be His corporate expression on the earth. May the Lord gain such a church!

Below you can read a compilation of enjoyment portions based on this Holy Word for Morning Revival. You can purchase the book via LSM online, LSM ebooks, amazon, google, itunes, etc, and give it a review via goodreads.

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God’s eternal purpose to make His chosen and redeemed people the same as He is in life and nature for His corporate expression is fulfilled by the Triune God being life to the tripartite man.

All the beauty, power, brightness, and ability of the church come from the fact that Christ as life is her inward content; the church is the result of life, and life is the content of the church.

We must stand on the unique ground of the church, the genuine ground of oneness; we must be under the limitation of the Body of Christ, not going beyond our measure; and we must be Body-conscious in one accord for the Lord’s move in His recovery both locally and universally.

For the reality and building up of the Body of Christ, we need to live in the resurrection life of Christ under the unique headship of Christ and grow up into the Head, Christ, in all things.

Knowing Life and the Church – Enjoyment from the Holy Word for Morning Revival

Week 1 – The Triune God being Life to the Tripartite Man for the Fulfillment of God’s Eternal Purpose

Week 2 – The Knowledge of Life

  1. Enjoy Christ as the Tree of Life by Loving Him with the First Love and by Eating Him
  2. Obeying the Inner Feeling from the Spirit, God’s Living Word, as we Read the Bible
  3. Taking care of the Living Christ in us and being Saved from Our Concepts and Hypocrisy
  4. Dealing with our Rebellion and Natural Capability through the Cross by the Spirit
  5. Our Mind, Emotion, and Will are Subjective Obstacles to God’s Life being Lived in us
  6. The Pathway of Life: Experiencing the Cross so that God’s Life is Lived out in us

Week 3 – The Need for All our Service to Be Initiated by God

  1. Don’t Commit the Iniquity of the Sanctuary: Let God Initiate the Work and Service
  2. We need to Serve God according to His Revelation, by Faith, in Response to His Word
  3. We need to Serve God according to God’s Appearing, His Command, and His Instructions
  4. Loving God, Stopping ourselves, and Waiting on Him to Cooperate with God in Serving Him
  5. God’s Work needs Man’s Cooperation, not his Initiation, Opinions, and Suggestions
  6. Tests of our Service to God, Bearing Responsibility, and being Faithful in Service

Week 4 – The Nature of the Church

  1. The Nature of the Church is Divine – the Church is Christly, Resurrectionly, and Heavenly
  2. The Church is Christly (the Self is Denied) and Resurrectionly (we Overcome Death)
  3. The Church is Heavenly: the Nature of the Church is to Submit to God’s Authority
  4. We need to be Watchful and Faithful in Preserving the Nature of the Church
  5. The Church is the Mingling of God and Man, the Enlargement of Christ as the God-man
  6. Seeing a Vision of the Mingled Spirit, the Focus of God’s Economy, for the Church Life

Week 5 – Standing on the Unique Ground of the Church, being under the Limitation of the Body of Christ, and being Body-Conscious in One Accord

  1. The Unique Ground of the Church – one Church in one City – in the Genuine Oneness
  2. Meeting in Oneness, in the name of Jesus, in the Mingled Spirit, and with the Cross
  3. God placed all the Members of the Body as He Willed, each to Function in their Measure
  4. Taking Care of the Rest in our Spirit to be under God’s Limitation in our Function
  5. Being Body-Conscious by Caring for the Body and having Christ’s Feeling for the Body

Week 6 – Living in the Resurrection Life of Christ under the Unique Headship of Christ and Growing up into the Head, Christ, in All Things for the Reality and Building up of the Body of Christ

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