Returning to the Orthodoxy of the Church

Returning to the Orthodoxy of the Church - Holy Word for Morning RevivalWe all need to return to the orthodoxy of the church – not just to the proper teachings and practices as revealed in the Bible but all the more to the person of the Lord Jesus, the Head and content of the church.

Based on the Lord’s epistles to the seven churches in Rev. 2-3 and the ministry of the age, these messages were we released in the 2016 fall ITERO held in Australia. May the Lord give us an ear to hear what He is speaking to the churches so that we may be the church that He desires and for whom He will return.

Enjoy portions of enjoyment from this Holy Word for Morning Revival, which you can purchase via livingstream, amazon, google, or itunes.

Returning to the Orthodoxy of the Church – Holy Word for Morning Revival

Week 1 – The Vision of the Glorious Christ as the Son of Man Walking in the Midst of the Golden Lampstands

Week 2 – The Church in Ephesus

  1. Returning to the Orthodoxy of the Church to be the Overcomers, the Normal Believers
  2. Never Leaving our First Love for the Lord but Giving Him the First Place in all Things
  3. Repenting and Doing the First Works – the Works Motivated by our Love for the Lord
  4. Loving the Lord with the First Love, Being His Testimony, and Functioning as Priests
  5. We need to Maintain the eating of Christ as the Tree of Life in the Church Life
  6. Enjoying Christ as our Love, Life, and Light to keep the Testimony of Jesus

Week 3 – The Church in Smyrna

  1. Entering the Fellowship of the Lord’s Sufferings for the Church to be His Testimony
  2. The Lord Knows our Tribulation, and He Knows Religion Opposes Christ and the Church
  3. We need to Know that Jesus is the First and the Last, and He died and Lived again
  4. Since the Resurrected Christ lives in us, the Churches are Living, Overcoming Death
  5. Christ has the Keys of Death and of Hades: He Nullified Death and Overcame Hades!
  6. Reigning in Life by Receiving the Abundance of Grace to Receive the Crown of Life

Week 4 – The Church in Pergamos

  1. Completely Coming out of the Degraded Christianity and Not Fearing its Persecution
  2. Dwelling in our Spirit and in Christ, and being a Chaste Bride for the Lord Today
  3. Guarding Ourselves from Idols and being the Lord’s Faithful Witnesses, His Martyrs
  4. Holding the Faith, Enjoying the Lord, and Functioning as Members of the Body
  5. Overcoming to eat Christ as the Hidden Manna to be Incorporated into New Jerusalem
  6. Eating Christ as the Hidden Manna Transforms us into a White Stone bearing a New Name

Week 5 – The Church in Thyatira

  1. The Church in Thyatira Prefigures the Roman Catholic Church, the Apostate Church
  2. Only the Lord can Teach: He’s the Man, and the Church takes the position of a Woman
  3. The Proper Church is the Body of Christ Teaching the Mysteries of God’s Economy
  4. Jesus the Son of God has Eyes like a Flame of Fire and Feet like Shining Bronze
  5. The Overcomers receive Authority over the Nations and Gain Christ the Morning Star
  6. Taking Heed to the Prophetic Word in the Bible until the Morning Star Rises within us

Week 6 – The Church in Sardis

  1. Being Living and Active in Christ, not “Living in Name” but Dead in God’s Eyes
  2. The Seven Spirits and the Seven Stars enable us to be Intensely Living and Shining
  3. Our Lord is a Lord of Completion, and we’re under the Completing Ministry in His Word
  4. Being those Watchful, Ready, and Prepared for the Lord’s Secret Coming as a Thief
  5. Having a Daily Walk and Living Unspotted by Death and Approved in Life by the Lord
  6. Living in the Spirit to Overcome any Deadness and be Clothed in White Garments

Week 7 – The Church in Philadelphia

  1. Church in Philadelphia depicts the Proper Church Life, the Church of Brotherly Love
  2. Loving the Brothers is a Strong Evidence that we Passed out of Death into Life
  3. Laying down our Life for the Brothers and Enjoying the One who has the Key of David
  4. As the One holding the Key of David, Christ Makes us a Part of the New Jerusalem
  5. Having an Opened Door and Keeping the Lord’s Word with the Little Power we Have
  6. Not Denying the Lord’s Name but Calling on His Name to Enjoy and be Filled with Him

Week 8 – The Church in Laodicea

  1. Holding Fast what we Have and Not Letting it Go so that No one take our Crown!
  2. Being Saved from Lukewarmness and Spiritual Pride, the Characteristics of Laodicea
  3. Not being Proud but being Hot for the Lord so He Won’t Spew us out of His Mouth
  4. Paying the Price to Buy Gold Refined by Fire: the Living Faith, Christ living in us
  5. Living out Christ (white garments) and Gaining the Anointing Spirit (eyesalve)
  6. May we Hear the Lord’s Voice, Open the Door, Let Him in, Dine with Him, and Overcome!

Week 9 – The New Jerusalem – the Consummation of the Central Vision of God’s Economy and of the High Peak of the Divine Revelation through the Overcomers, who Return to the Orthodoxy of the Church

  1. Seeing a Vision of the Central Matter in the Lord’s Recovery: Christ and the Church
  2. High Peak of the Divine Revelation: God became Man to make Man God to build His Body
  3. New Jerusalem is a Corporate God-man, the Consummation of the High Peak of Revelation
  4. The New Jerusalem is the Real and Consummate Shulammite, a Corporate Shulammite
  5. New Jerusalem is the Universal Golden Lampstand, the Ultimate Consummation of the Lampstands
  6. Christ as the Sevenfold Intensified Spirit Produces the Overcomers to Build the Church