Service for the Building up of the Church – HWMR

The Service for the Building up of the Church - Holy Word for Morning RevivalDuring the 2016 Spring ITERO held in Anaheim, California, there was a series of messages released with the title, Service for the Building up of the Church. Based on the ministry of brother Nee and brother Lee, these messages are both enlightening, exposing, and edifying, showing us what is the real service we can offer to God for the building up of the church.

Many believers serve God, but is God the source of our service, is our service according to God, and is God manifested in our service for the building up of the church?

Below is a compilation of some enjoyment based on the spoken messages, the Holy Word for Morning Revival book published by Living Stream Ministry, and my enjoyment in the word of God and in the ministry. You can purchase this HWMR via LSM, amazon, itunes, and google play.

2016 Spring ITERO – Service for the Building up of the Church

Week 1 – Serving God by Knowing the Age, by Realizing the Way Christ Fulfills His Economy, by Seeing the World Situation as the Indicator of His Move, and by Spreading the Truths of the Lord’s Recovery for His Coming Back

  1. 5 Critical Points concerning the Spirit of God in the Move of God’s eternal Economy
  2. The Way to Fulfill God’s Economy is by Christ as the Sevenfold Intensified Spirit
  3. Christ with His Overcomers will Crush Human Government and bring in God’s Kingdom
  4. Seeing how the World Situation is the Indicator of the Lord’s Move on Earth
  5. The Lord’s Recovery must Spread to Europe and be Rooted here before the Coming of Antichrist
  6. Spreading the Truths of the Lord’s Recovery is a Preparation for the Lord’s Return

Week 2 – Serving with a Vision, according to Revelation, and in the Body for the Building up of the House of God

Week 3 – Serving God in our Spirit in the Gospel of His Son

  1. Serving God is Worshipping God – our God must be Living to us in our Daily Life
  2. We Serve God in Worship by Preaching the Gospel of God’s Son in our Mingled Spirit
  3. Exercising our Spirit to Learn, Experience, and Minister the Full Gospel of God
  4. We Worship and Serve God in spirit and by the Spirit with No Confidence in the Flesh
  5. Not Bringing Anything of our Natural Life or the Flesh in our Service to God
  6. Our Work for the Lord in the Gospel is by the Lord’s Resurrection Life and Power

Week 4 – The Service that is from God

  1. God the Father is the only Originator and the Holy Spirit is the only Initiator
  2. All our Service in the Church must be Initiated by God According to His Desire
  3. God Wants only our Cooperation: we need to Stop Ourselves and Let God Speak and Work
  4. As those who Serve the Lord we need to See that our Service must Originate from God
  5. Seeing the Two Different Sources of Service and Serving God from God by the Spirit
  6. Cooperating with the Inner Operating and Motivating God by Outwardly Serving Him

Week 5 – The Humanity of the One who Serves the Lord

  1. 7 Major Items of the Excellent Virtues which are Filled with the Divine Attributes
  2. Christ should be our Humanity, and we need to be Found in Christ in our Daily Living
  3. Being Safeguarded in our Humanity through Loving the Lord and His Appearing
  4. Eating Christ as the Meal Offering in His Word to Live out His Human Living Today
  5. Daily Drinking the Humanity of Jesus to be Jesusly Human in the World for the Church
  6. 5 Main Ways to Enjoy the Humanity of Jesus in our Christian Life and Church Life

Week 6 – The Basis of Service – the Fire from the Altar

  1. God is a Consuming Fire, Christ cast Fire on Earth, and the Spirit is a Burning Flame
  2. Every Service to God must be Based on the Fire from the Altar of Burnt Offering
  3. Offering Ourselves to God for His Fire to Burn in us and Motivate us for His Service
  4. The Basis of Genuine Service is Knowing the Cross to Allow the Divine Fire to Burn in us
  5. Not Quenching the Spirit but Fanning our Spirit into Flame to Serve God with Divine Fire

Week 7 – Serving God by Prayer according to His Heart and Will

  1. Having our Desires Blended with God’s Desires to Pray the Prayers Initiated by God
  2. God needs Man to Exercise his Spirit and his Will to Pray according to God’s Will
  3. Being and Praying for the Overcomers who are One with God to Cooperate with His Move
  4. Being Joined to God’s desire through His Word to Pray Prayers of God’s Economy
  5. Lingering in God’s Presence to Intercede for Others before Him according to His heart
  6. The Prayer that Expresses God’s Will according to the Pattern of the Lord’s Prayer

Week 8 – A Life-Ministering Service

  1. Our Service in the Church should Minister Life to Others to Supply them with Life
  2. Divine Life is in our Mingled Spirit: we need to Release our Spirit to Minister life
  3. Giving Christ the Ground to Fill us with Life for us to Minister Life in our Service
  4. To Minister Life is to have the Outflow of Life through the Exercise of our Spirit
  5. Having the Outflow of Life by being One with Christ in His Life-Releasing Death
  6. Experiencing and Ministering the Eternal Life for the Church to be Full of Life