The Crucial Points of the Major Items of the Lord’s Recovery Today (2015 fall ITERO)

The Crucial Points of the Major Items of the Lord’s Recovery TodayPraise the Lord for the crucial points of the major items of the Lord’s recovery today! Based on the ministry of bro. Watchman Nee and bro. Witness Lee, this topic was released during the 2015 fall ITERO held in Brazil, and we have enjoyed the Holy Word for Morning Revival on this for 8-9 weeks.

It is so good to be brought back to the basic revelation in the Word of God, that is, to be recovered back to God’s original intention, to His economy, and see some of the most crucial items in the Lord’s recovery such as the all-inclusive Christ, the Triune God, the consummated Spirit, the eternal life, the church, the oneness of the Body of Christ, and the local ground of the church.

Enjoy some overflow of enjoyment from these weeks in the articles listed below; you can also purchase this Holy Word for Morning Revival book via living stream, amazon, itunes, or the app store.

The Crucial Points of the Major Items of the Lord’s Recovery Today – Holy Word for Morning Revival (ITERO fall 2015)

Week 1 – The Recovery of the Economy of God

  1. Being those who are Walking in the Truth of the Heavenly Visio of God’s Economy
  2. The Mark of God’s Economy is the Indwelling Christ as the Spirit with our Spirit
  3. The Goal of God’s Eternal Economy is the Reality of the Organic Body of Christ
  4. Having a Clear Vision of God’s Economy and being Governed and Directed by this Vision
  5. Warning: Stay away from Death, Reject any Division, and Deal with your Listening!
  6. Being Purified from Ambition and Natural Affection, and Being Careful in Contacting People

Week 2 – The Triune God

Week 3 – The Supreme Preciousness of the All-inclusive Christ

  1. Believers should have a Change in their Concept of Value to Treasure Christ above all
  2. Valuing Christ, our Soul, being a Slave, the Reward, and the Knowledge of Christ
  3. Christ is the Preciousness to His Believers, and we Treasure Him above All Things!
  4. Christ is the Tested Foundation Stone and Precious Cornerstone for God’s Building
  5. The Precious Blood of Christ Redeemed us, and now we Enjoy His Precious Promises!
  6. We were Allotted Equally Precious Faith, and the Proving of our Faith is Precious!

Week 4 – The Consummated Spirit

  1. The Spirit has been Processed and has Become the Consummated Spirit, the Spirit!
  2. Three Crucial Points Concerning the Consummated Spirit and How to Enjoy His Supply
  3. Christ became the Spirit to Breathe Himself into us: Receive the Holy Breath!
  4. The Consummated Spirit as the Breath is Everything to us in Living the Christian Life
  5. The Consummated Spirit is the Divine and Mystical Realm into which We Enter and Live
  6. Living in and Experiencing the Consummated Spirit as the Divine and Mystical Realm

Week 5 – The Eternal Life

  1. The Way of the Lord’s Recovery is the Way of the Eternal Life; Life is God Himself
  2. The Divine Life Flowing in the Divine Nature is our Unique Way in our Daily Life
  3. Living According to the Principle of the Tree of Life, the Principle of Dependence
  4. Serving God by Burning in Spirit with the Fire of God’s Life, not with Strange Fire

Week 6 – The Recovery of the Church

Week 7 – The Oneness of the Body of Christ

Week 8 – The Local Ground of the Church

  1. The Local Ground of the Church is the Oneness of the Body Practiced in the Local Churches
  2. Keeping the Unique Oneness of the Body of Christ on the Unique Ground of Locality
  3. Being in the Realm of Oneness by Exercising our Spirit to be Mingled with the Spirit
  4. Life is the Essence of Oneness: we Keep the Oneness by Life, in Life, and with Life
  5. Taking the Lead to Stand on the Unique Ground of the Church, the Ground of Oneness

Week 9 – The Lord’s Recovery versus the Present Evil Age and the Eschatology of the Church

  1. Jesus Christ Gave Himself for our Sins to Rescue us out of the Present Evil Age
  2. Religion is Something for God and for the Benefit of People yet without Christ!
  3. Satan utilizes Religion to Keep People from Christ and the Church as God’s Will
  4. We All need to be Delivered from Religion, from Christianity as the Present Evil Age
  5. The Eschatology of the Church: the Degradation of the Church and the Recovered Church
  6. The Real Condition and End of the Catholic Church, Protestant Church, and Recovered Church