The Focus of the Lord’s Recovery

The Focus of the Lord's RecoveryWhat is the Focus of the Lord’s Recovery? In the 2011 Thanksgiving Conference there were 6 messages given on this topic and, later, a book of Holy Word for Morning Revival was put out on this topic. We need to see what is the focus of the Lord’s recovery and be a genuine church in the focus of the Lord’s recovery. You can purchase the Morning Revival via Living Stream Ministry online store. Below is a compilation of the enjoyment on this topic – some weeks are incomplete because they were overlapping with the video-training on, The Crystallization-Study of Psalms (2). You can also follow the tag, the focus of the Lord’s Recovery, to read more on this topic.

  1. Week 1:
    # the local churches as the golden lampstands bear the testimony of Jesus on the earth;
  2. Week 2:
    # the Triune God is not for theological understanding but for the divine dispensing!
    # the focus of the Epistles in the NT is the Divine Trinity for the divine dispensing
    # having ordinary days in the divine dispensing for the building up of the Body
  3. Week 3:
    # learning to live our human life by the divine life in our mingled spirit (Romans 8)
    # being according to the spirit by learning to activate the law of the Spirit of life
    # living the divine life by minding the things of the Spirit and being led by the Spirit
    # man has a spirit to contact God and a mind to be continually set on the spirit
    # the processed Triune God has come into us and dwells in us as the Spirit in our spirit
    # daily growing in the divine life by having the element of God being added to us
    # REVIEW: The Center of Paul’s Gospel – Romans chapter 8, God’s dispensing, and the sonship
  4. Week 4:
    # the focus of God’s economy is the mingled spirit, the Spirit mingled with our spirit
    # we are joined to the Lord as one spirit, and now we live a life in our mingled spirit
    # the Spirit with our spirit is the secret of participating in God’s dynamic salvation
    # our mingled spirit is a spirit of faith and the way for us to abide in the Lord
    # the only requirement the Bible has from us is that we live in our mingled spirit
    # the secret of the Christian life and the church life is living in the mingled spirit
  5. Week 5:
    # being an inoculator by teaching and ministering the riches of God’s economy
    # being a good soldier of Christ Jesus and an athlete contending in the games
    # being a laboring farmer and an unashamed workman cutting straight the word of truth
    # being the captives of Christ in His triumphal procession scattering His fragrance
    # the believers are living letters of Christ for others to read and know Christ in them
    # we are earthen vessels containing a priceless treasure, the Christ of glory!
  6. Week 6:
    # seeing what it means to be a genuine church in the focus of the Lord’s recovery
    # qualifications of a genuine church: the church of God enjoying grace upon grace!
    # a genuine church is enriched in Christ, awaits the Lord’s unveiling, and enjoys Christ
    # a genuine church is a meal offering church life with the fine humanity of Christ
    # becoming the reproduction of Christ as the meal offering church life today
    # the meal offering church life with no leaven and no honey is for God’s satisfaction