The Gospel – Holy Word for Morning Revival

The Gospel - Holy Word for Morning RevivalThe Holy Word for Morning Revival on, The Gospel, was released in 2016 spring, and it is based on messages given by brothers Witness Lee and Watchman Nee, together with some accompanying messages given in the 2016 International Chinese-speaking Conference (2016 ICSC, 12-14 February 2016).

Praise the Lord, our gospel is the complete, all-inclusive, pure, and perfect gospel as revealed in the New Testament, and it includes not only God’s redemption and salvation, but also His organic salvation, transformation, the church life, and the Body of Christ.

Enjoy below a collection of blog posts based on the enjoyment of this HWMR. You can purchase this morning revival book via living stream ministry, amazon, google play, or itunes.

Enjoyment from the HWMR on, The Gospel

The Gospel of the Kingdom (Week 1 / Msg. 1)

  1. The Gospel includes All the Truths in the Bible: the Entire Bible is the Gospel of God
  2. Different Aspects of the Gospel as revealed in the Four Gospels in the New Testament
  3. Being Brought under the Ruling of God’s Authority through the Gospel of the Kingdom
  4. The Gospel of the Kingdom brings us into God’s Kingdom with His Ruling and Blessings
  5. God Charges all to Repent for the Kingdom; we need to Repent to Live in the Kingdom!
  6. Preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom for a Testimony to All before the End of the Age

The Gospel of the Grace of God (Week 2 / Msg. 2)

  1. What is Grace? Grace is God in Christ as the Spirit Gained by us and Enjoyed by us
  2. We can Receive and Flow out Grace by Turning to the Spirit and Enthroning the Lord
  3. Receiving and Dispensing Grace through the Blood, the Word, the Spirit, and the Church
  4. Our Christian Living must be the Living of Grace to Minister Grace to others
  5. The Practical Life and Building up of the Body come from the Enjoyment of Christ
  6. Enjoying the Transmission of Grace in the Church Life to become God’s Masterpiece

The Structure of the Gospel of God — the Righteousness of God, the Life of Christ, and the Faith of the Believers (Week 3 / Msg. 3)

  1. Christ Died on our Behalf to Fulfill God’s Righteousness: now God Must Forgive us!
  2. Our Experience of Christ rests on the Unshakable Foundation of God’s Righteousness
  3. The Result of our Justification is the Full Enjoyment of God in Christ as Life
  4. The Saving Life of Christ Accomplishes the Organic Goal of God’s Dynamic Salvation
  5. Our Believing into Christ is our Appreciation of Him as a Reaction to His Attraction
  6. Faith is to Believe that God is and we are Not; we live in an Organic Union with Him

Paul’s Gospel – the Gospel of Completion (Week 4 / Msg. 4)

  1. Having a Clear View of Paul’s Gospel – the Gospel according to Paul in Romans
  2. Gospel is the Proclamation of Jesus Christ according to the Revelation of the Mystery
  3. Aspects of the Gospel as seen in the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and Paul
  4. Paul’s Gospel concerns Christ as the Spirit Living in us and the Body of Christ
  5. Preaching the Complete Gospel from Forgiveness of Sins to Living in the Body of Christ
  6. Like the Apostle Paul, We’re Entrusted with the Gospel of the Glory of the Blessed God

The Highest Point of the God’s Gospel (Week 5 / Msg. 5)

  1. God Becoming Man and Man Becoming God is the Economy of God to Fulfill His Dream
  2. God Created us in His Image for us to Become God in Life and Nature but not in the Godhead
  3. God wants a Group of God-men, the One New Man bearing God’s Image to Express Him
  4. In Christ God and Man have Become One Entity, the God-man, God mingled with Man
  5. The Lord Jesus is the Prototype for the Producing of the many God-men, His Believers
  6. We need to See that we are God-men, Born of God, Possessing God’s Life and Nature