The Need for a New Revival

The Need for a New Revival - enjoyment from the Holy Word for Morning RevivalWe need a new revival! This collection of articles is based on the messages given during the Memorial Day Weekend Conference in the USA (May. 22-25, 2015), and have the general subject of, The Need for a New Revival.

The Lord desires to obtain a new revival, and our desire and yearning is to enter into the new and ultimate revival that will end this age and bring the Lord back. This ultimate revival comes from seeing the high peak of the divine revelation, living the life of a God-man, and shepherding according to God.

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Enjoyment from the Holy Word for Morning Revival on, The Need for a New Revival

Week 1 – Reaching the Highest Peak of the Divine Revelation (1) The Vision of the Age

  1. Our Aspiration to be Revived is fulfilled only by Christ as the Life-Giving Spirit
  2. We need to See the Vision of the Age and be Joined to the Ministry of the Age
  3. Being Established in God’s Present Truth, the up-to-date Truth of God in this Age
  4. The Entire Bible is the Autobiography of the Triune God becoming our Autobiography
  5. Man is Becoming God through Transformation by Participating in God’s Divinity
  6. Clearly Seeing the High Peak of the Divine Revelation and Praying for a New Revival

Week 2 – Reaching the Highest Peak of the Divine Revelation (2) Becoming God in Life, Nature, and Expression to Produce the Body of Christ Consummating in the New Jerusalem

  1. God’s Economy is to make Man the Same as He is and Make Man One with Him for His Expression
  2. God’s Economy is that God became Man to make Man God for His Corporate Expression
  3. God Created Man in His Image and even Became a Man to make Man God in Life and Nature
  4. God Redeemed us to make us God in Life and Nature so that He can have the Body of Christ
  5. Arriving at the Highest Peak in God’s Economy, the Reality of the Body of Christ
  6. New Jerusalem is a Composition of God’s Chosen People who have been Deified by Him

Week 3 – Living the Life of a God-man (1) Being Discipled to Live the Life of a God-man to be Today’s Overcomers for a New Revival

  1. Being Discipled by the High Peak of the Divine Revelation to have a God-man Living
  2. Our Life should be a Reproduction of the Model of the Life of Christ, the First God-Man
  3. Living the Life of a God-man According to the Lord’s Model by Living in the Spirit
  4. Being the Faithful and Prudent Stewards in God’s Household to Give His People Food
  5. Not Loving the World but Loving the Lord’s Appearing and Ministering Christ to Others
  6. Not Mistreating our Fellow Believers but being Kind and Ministering Christ to them

Week 4 – Living the Life of a God-man (1) Living in the Kingdom of God as the Realm of the Divine Species

  1. Christian Life is not a Performance but the Living of a God-man Life as God’s Species
  2. God Doesn’t want a Good and Upright Man but a God-man filled with God to Express Him
  3. Being Ushered into the Realm of God to Seek God, Enjoy God, Gain God, and Express God
  4. Being Torn Down in our Natural Man and Rebuilt with God to be a God-man Expressing Him
  5. Christ as the First God-man is being Reproduced in us as the many God-men in Christ
  6. Rejecting Self-Cultivation and Allowing Christ to Fill us and Live a God-man Life in us

Week 5 – Shepherding According to God (1) Shepherding People by Cherishing and Nourishing Them according to the Pattern of the Lord Jesus and of the Apostle Paul

  1. Christ as the Son of Man is Cherishing us and as the Son of God He’s Nourishing us
  2. Following the Steps of the Triune God in Seeking, Gaining, and Shepherding People
  3. Christ came not to Judge Sinners but to Save them and Shepherd them for His Body
  4. Loving the Lord and Being One with Him to Shepherd His Sheep for the Church, His Body
  5. Shepherding the Saints according to God by Following the Pattern of the Apostle Paul
  6. Love is the Most Excellent Way to Be and Do anything for the Building up of the Body

Week 6 – Shepherding According to God (1) Becoming One with God, Being Constituted with God, Living God, Expressing God, Representing God, and Ministering God to Shepherd according to God

  1. Being One with Christ in His Heavenly Ministry to Shepherd God’s Flock, the Church
  2. Shepherding According to God by being One with God to Shepherd According what He is
  3. Being Metabolically Constituted with God to Live God and Shepherd According to God
  4. We Become God’s Expression by Eating, Digesting, and Assimilating God to Live God
  5. We need to Represent God and Function as the Acting God to Shepherd According to God
  6. To Shepherd according to God is to Minister the Processed God Constituted into us