HWMR – The Recovery of the Priesthood for God’s Building

The Recovery of the Priesthood for God’s BuildingSeen as a continuation of the 2014 winter training on Exodus (1) and focusing mainly on the priesthood, the Holy Word for Morning Revival on, The Recovery of the Priesthood for God’s Building, is based on the 2015 Spring ITERO messages and the ministry of brothers Witness Lee and Watchman Nee. There’s a great need to have a recovery of the priesthood among us in the church life so that all saints may function in contacting God, being filled with God, and bringing man to God and God to man. Through intimate contact with the Lord in His word, the believers can be constituted with life and truth and thereby equipped to prophesy in the meetings of the church unto the building up of the Body of Christ. You can purchase this book via Living Stream Ministry, amazon, google play store, or itunes.

The Recovery of the Priesthood for God’s Building – Holy Word for Morning Revival

Week 1 / Msg. 1 – The Priesthood and the Kingship for God’s Building

  1. The Need for the Recovery of the Priesthood among us: All Believers are Priests!
  2. Christ is a Kingly and Divine High Priest to Minister God to us and Save us Fully
  3. The Priesthood and the Kingship are for God’s Expression and His Representation
  4. Receiving the Flow of Life (priesthood) and being Brought under God’s Throne (kingship)
  5. Every Believer is a Royal Priest having the Flow of Life from the Throne of God
  6. As Priests we Come Forward to the Throne of Grace to Receive Mercy and Find Grace

Week 2 / Msg. 2 – The Definition of a Priest

  1. A Priest is one who Serves God, Lives to God, is Filled with God, and Flows God out
  2. A Priest Contacts God in the Mingling with God and he’s Thoroughly Mingled with God
  3. A Priest is in the Process of being Mingled with God in his Daily Christian Life
  4. Serving God as Priests by Knowing our Spirit and Living in our Mingled Spirit
  5. A Priest lives the God-man life by Living in the Mingled Spirit to Express Christ
  6. A Priest is a Person who Serves in Newness of Spirit and Ministers to the Lord

Week 3 / Msg. 3 – Christ as the Food, Clothing, and Dwelling of the Priests

  1. Seeing how Christ is the Food, the Clothing, and the Dwelling of the Priests
  2. Daily Eating and Enjoying Christ as the Reality of all the Offerings for our Food
  3. Putting on Christ as our Clothing by Living out Christ to Magnify Him in our Living
  4. The Significance of the Priestly Garments and their Application in our Christian Life
  5. Christ and the New Man as our Clothing is also our Dwelling Place as Priests to God
  6. Being Filled and Saturated with Christ to Express Him and become God’s Dwelling Place

Week 4 / Msg. 4 – Lighting the Lamps and Burning the Incense

  1. Lighting the Lamps in the Sanctuary signifies the Proper Way to Meet as Christians
  2. We Need to be Holy Persons Filled with God to Light the Holy Lamps in the Holy Place
  3. Coming into God’s Light and Walking in it to have God as Light Shining in our Meeting
  4. Proper Prayer (burning the incense) issues out of God’s Light from Reading the Word
  5. Burning the Incense by Praying in Christ and with Christ as the Incense to God
  6. Being People of Incense who Inwardly Contact the Lord and Pray one with Christ

Week 5 / Msg. 5 – The Two Orders of the Priesthood

  1. Being Genuine Priests to God by Serving God and Ministering God into God’s People
  2. Believers are Holy Priests Separated unto God and Saturated with God’s Holy Element
  3. Enjoying Christ’s Ministry as a High Priest according to the Order of Melchizedek
  4. Holy Priests go to God for People; Royal Priests come from God to Minister God to People
  5. As Holy Priests we Offer to God the Christ we Experienced and a Sacrifice of Praise

Week 6 / Msg. 6 – Being Laboring Priests of the Gospel of God by Serving God in our Spirit in the Gospel of His Son

  1. Being Laboring Priests of the Gospel Offering Saved Sinners to God for His Delight
  2. All the Believers are Priests to Serve God with the Offerings that He Desires
  3. Being those Functioning as Priests of the Gospel in the Church as the Body of Christ
  4. To Serve God in the Gospel is to Worship God; our God is Living to us and in us!
  5. Serving God in our Spirit in the Gospel of His Son, the Subjective Gospel of Christ

Week 7 / Msg. 7 – The Central and Ultimate Point of the Priesthood

  1. Receiving God’s Leading in the Meetings of the Church as we Exercise our Spirit
  2. 12 Precious Stones on the Breastplate: We are Being Transformed, Mingled, and Built up
  3. Being Transformed, Transparent Precious Stones with Christ Inscribed into our Heart
  4. God’s Leading is in the Mingled Spirit and in the Church as we Judge what He Judges
  5. Having God’s Speaking through Things that are Negative under God’s Shining Light
  6. Being Transformed, Transparent, Enlightened, Inscribed, and Completed by Christ

Week 8 / Msg. 8 – The Recovery of the Priesthood for God’s Building

  1. The Recovery of the Priesthood for God to have the Freedom to Fulfill His Purpose
  2. Seeing that the Building up of the Church as God’s House Depends on the Priesthood
  3. The Coordinated Body of Priests, the Priesthood, is God’s Built-up Spiritual House
  4. God’s Intention is to Build Himself into our Being and to Build us into His Being
  5. Our Work must be to Minister God into others for Him to Build Himself into them
  6. The Need for a Thorough Recovery of the Priesthood for God’s Building through us