everything we need, God as the “I AM” is! We can enjoy Him by turning to Him!(Poland camp 2011)

everything we need, God as the "I AM" is! We can enjoy Him by turning to Him!(Poland camp 2011)When God called Moses (Exo. 3:14), He revealed his name – He is the “I AM”, the “I am who I am”. Only GOD IS – He is the eternal One, without beginning or end. Everything else: Satan, the world, our problems, our feelings, etc DON’T EXIST! God is, and we are not! There is nothing but God. As the I AM, God is everything that we need. To the name “I AM” we can add anything we need. Are you tired? The “I AM” is your REST. Are you hungry? He is your FOOD. Are you dying? He is LIFE! Do you need anything? HE IS what you need!

Man was created from the dust of the earth (Gen. 2:7), and in the light of the New Testament, man is “clay” (2 Cor. 4:7). But Satan wants to transform us into bricks – he wants to burn us in the oven of the world and make us all “bricks”, which are not useful to God. Satan does that through our environment, at the school, at our workplace. God, on the other hand, takes clay just as it is and adds life to it, more life each and every day. The Lord transforms it into PRECIOUS STONES, which are useful to build the New Jerusalem!

Don’t look at yourself – turn to your spirit! 

Sometimes when I look at myself and I feel very discouraged – I fail so many times, even in small things, because I always lose or forget something. BUT praise the Lord, we shouldn’t look at ourselves and the condition we’re in – instead, we need to turn to our spirit!!! Let’s enjoy the Lord and feast on Him, and we will feel peace! Let us drink Him, and we will really rest! [sharing from the recent Poland Conference for the Young People by sister Agata O(PL) from her top enjoyment – become a fan on Facebook for more updates and sharings]

O, Lord Jesus! Lord, thank You that You are everything we need! Thank You that YOU ARE OUR FOOD when we’re hungry, and YOU ARE OUR REST when we’re tired! You’re everything we need! Lord, thank You for transforming us into stones which are useful for building up the New Jerusalem! Lord, we open our beings to You! We want to behold You! Lord, we love You!


  1. Amen! God IS what we need!
    Let's keep turning to Him, looking at Him and simply enjoy Him by feasting on Him!
    The Lord is what we need, our real joy and rest!