experiencing and gaining the Lord even through our failures(a student’s testimony)

Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for bringing me here in London, and thank You for being with me everyday! During the past academic year, I have enjoyed living a mingling life with the Lord! And I have learned to appreciate His blood and His Word, which are the judicial redemption and organic salvation, by which I may follow Him and grow in life day by day!

Over the past 8 months, I have failed many times. However, in His mercy and grace, I have experienced and gained Him through all my failures. We should know that the Lord uses our outward and inward situations to deal with us and transform us. The way He deals with us is full of love and wisdom. Through all the failures, He showed me that without Him I can do nothing. All I need to do is give pre-eminence to the Lord in everything. Brothers and sisters, we need to know that our Lord wants to make His home in our hearts, and He wants to be everything to us! He uses all our environments and situations to break our outer man and strengthen our inner man.

What we should do is simply turn to our spirit where we can meet the divine Spirit!

Moreover, in order to live the normal Christian life, we need to eat His Word day by day! I have really enjoyed His Word since I came to the UK, for I realized how much I need His Word! There are many functions of the Word of God. The one I have most enjoyed is the washing of the water in the Word. Oh, how I need His Word to wash and cleanse me from all the defilements of the world! In addition, the Word of God is also our food and drink, by which we may be strengthened! [sister Fay’s testimony of her enjoyment in the church life and university in the UK]

Oh, Lord Jesus, keep us always turning to You and continue in Your Word so that we may follow You and grow in life day by day for Your economy!

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