experiencing Christ in the church life(short testimonies from some Christian Students in London)

This past university year we have enjoyed the Lord and experienced Him – whether in failures, defeats, or successes, we all learned to turn to Him and rely on Him, and we also learned how much we need the saints in the church life! Recently we had a “celebration meeting” where the students were overflowing with Christ – their experiences of Christ in the church life in London, UK. Here are some notes we took from this time – some very precious testimonies of a genuine experience of Christ:

  • This past university year I realized that early rising is very important – we need to rise up a little earlier to touch the Lord. Also, we need to be a man of prayer – prayer is better and stronger when you get up earlier in the morning… I can testify that in the morning I enjoy the Lord the most! The Father is waiting for us to turn to Him! When you get into the Word, it is almost as if time slows down and things go for the better! The more we do this, the more we grow in life and the more we are being perfected in order to express Christ! Those around you will notice and will trust you more and open up to you.(R.B)
  • Saints, I enjoyed everything in the church life! I enjoyed simply saying, Lord Jesus, I love You!
  • I met the saints 8 months ago when we read Rom. 10:12; I then went home and I was happy! I might have read it before but never enjoyed it. The Lord wants us to touch our spirit! We are the priests of the gospel of God, which explains the purpose of God. God is Spirit, and the Spirit gives us life.(R.L)
  • I enjoyed spending time with the saints, at least once a month! Though I may have been tired, when I got to the meeting, the saints and the singing lifted my spirit up! We gain so much when we come together with the saints! The saints complete us – we are like sheep, lost by themselves but with the others full and complete! The shepherd of our souls takes care of us! Also… Prayer works! The Lord answers our prayers as we pray to Him! God has a hearts desire and He needs some to pray this desire to Him! (O.E)
  • though we have struggles and fights with the Lord, He never gives up on us – He chose us and predestinated us! He loves us and we are precious in His eyes.
  • many times we choose the cheap wine, not the new wine… I feel very joyful each time I spend with the saints in the home meetings – the Lord is the new wine to us! The Lord went to the paralytic man and healed him – I’m like that man, I can’t help myself… We can believe – and He will change us. I just want to believe. I don’t know where I’m going and what I’m doing here – but I want to believe! (B.A)
  • My life here would be so boring if I didn’t know the saints! I enjoyed the atmosphere in the meetings – can you believe it: we are calling each other brothers and sisters!?! We are children of God, and we come together to express how much we love Him! Only God can do this!(K)
  • Since I came to London I enjoyed all the meetings with the saints! It was here that I learned how to pray in English… Also, at the meeting we all bring a portion to feed each other. I was touched about having vital companions – it is very important to be built up together… I experienced prayer – I need to pray for the brothers and sisters, by name… and now I have a burden for them to be built up with them!(C.W)
  • In the exams time I was forced to turn to the Lord – I found God as a source of encouragement! Every day we need to eat the Lord in the Word! I also enjoyed praying with the sisters over the phone – I noticed that I have a burden when I pray!(F.T)
  • This past gap year I was fully in the church life! (D.G)
  • When I called on the Lord’s name, I found peace. Maybe you don’t get the answer right away, but you turn to Him!
  • I feel like the Lord gave the saints to me to care for me!
  • I was touched that God loved us first – and we just need to love Him back!
  • Most of my week in the university was spent with the saints in meetings, lunches, being in Yp mtgs, and it was so precious… And helping the Yp enjoy the Lord! It’s so good that saints open their homes for the students!
  • The church life became “my church life” during this past year – though I was born in the church life, it is only now that it became MY CHURCH LIFE. I really enjoyed the sweet church life! (E.S)
  • Our joy as a family opening our home to the students is to have them over, no matter how many of them and no matter for how long! As I study and still enjoy the Lord, He did a lot for me to bring me to where I can do it!(P.C)
  • When you have a lot of problems, all I need to do is to enjoy the Lord! This is the only answer and the only solution – so eventually I just enjoyed the Lord! When you enjoy Him, the problems may even get solved! One thing is for sure, when you enjoy the Lord, the problem may still be there, but it doesn’t matter so much to you! We have a treasure in our vessel – we need to enjoy Him and enjoy His presence.(J.T)
  • God called us for His purpose! We need to be those burdened by the Lord to rise up early and enjoy the Lord, the pray with one a other during the day.
  • The vital group and getting together with the group to pray together – is the top enjoyment of this term(C.K)

We love the church life – eating, drinking, and breathing Jesus! May the Lord continue to keep us enjoying Him during the summer break – as the song says, Lord, keep my heart always true to You! Never backsliding – always viewing You! Thank You Lord for bringing us with the saints in the church life – where we can enjoy You, we can eat together, we can meet and pray for one another, and we can be built up! Gain the building up of Your Body even as we go through things and situations – and we turn to You together!

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  1. Arnel Sollano says:

    amen….. thank the Lord for His move in London