Being Flexible in Pray-reading, and Enjoying and Sharing the HWMR with the Saints

Being Flexible in Pray-reading the word, and Enjoying and Sharing the HWMR with the SaintsIn regards to practicing the morning revival, my wife and I do not have any forms – we are flexible in pray-reading. We can either pray first or read first and vice versa. That is no rigid way of having our revival.

Feelings of satisfaction, joy and cleansing come in after each morning revival time. It is a way to distress and gain the strength to go on with the Lord.  At other times, however, it is quite normal – without any such experiences.

So it is good not to analyse that much or introspect to see what have I gain after the morning revival. At times, I would pray for a certain person, a matter or the church with regards to the words that we have read.

Regarding prophesying, there is a guided way of composing the prophecy based on what we enjoy the in the morning revival. That is more complete and thorough way of sharing, which I find very tedious and needs lots of preparation. By that method our prophesying will be sequential, well written and composed.

But the way I prepare to prophesy is rather simple. I highlight the important portions of the word which I want to share and put these portions together, and then I share them. During the sharing, I would emphasize the parts that relate to the saints or are helpful to the whole church. In this way, the words will be weighty and applicable to our situation.

Sharing by bro. Chew C. (Gambang, Pahang, Malaysia), from his practicing having a morning time with the Lord and prophesying in the meetings.

Usually we will pray read the Bible verses in the morning revival, and we also refer to the Life-study messages. From your blog, I get into the daily messages with my partner, and after reading it we will share on what we get from the message of the day.

On the Lord’s day, we in the English group take turns to prophesy concerning what they enjoyed throughout the week. On Thursday we have the home meeting, whereby the english and the chinese speaking saints combine together to pursue the HWMR. In the home meeting we encourage the saints to raise up questions or anything which they may not understand on in the morning revival portion.

Thanks and praise the Lord! As we are now pursuing week one on the topic, Seeking the Things Which Are Above, through your blog at, I really enjoy this week message how we need to seek the things which are above, because positionally we are raised together with Christ and together we are seated at the right hand of God, which is the highest position given to Christ by God.

So we need to seek the things of the above. Through this week’s message, one of the elderly brother was very enlightened concerning why we need to seek the things of the above. This brother shared that, if we do not seek the things of the above, then we are not cooperating with the Lord in His heavenly ministry.

If we don’t see this and pursue this life, then we are cooperating with Satan which will lead us into death. So that’s why we need to seek the things of the above.

Sharing by bro. Siew W. K (church in Ipoh, Malaysia), from his enjoyment and pursuit in the Morning Revival time with the Lord.