God declares that He has installed Christ as the King in Mount Zion – Jesus is the King!

God declares that He has installed Christ as the King in Mount Zion - Jesus is the King!Psalm 2 is so rich, but as we read it and enjoy it, we may be one of the many believers who insert our own concept and our own understanding of this Psalm. May the Lord save us from being the wrong kind of person when we read the Bible – the kind of person we are with the kind of heart we have determines “what kind of Bible we have”. We need to have a proper heart with a proper view of the Bible – we need to be a proper kind of person so that the Bible would not only make sense to us but also impart God’s economy and God’s life into us. O, Lord, our heart! 

In this Psalm we see that all the nations are in an uproar against God and His Anointed One – and both the nations and the rulers are in rebellion against Him, opposing Him. This took place starting from the time the Lord Jesus was on the earth – Herod and Pilate opposed Him and judged Him. Also, the Roman emperors and all the rulers of the earth opposed God and Christ, and many of them severely persecuted the Christians. But God’s reaction is not to immediately destroy them – He has them in derision(Psa. 2:4), He laughs at them! They may oppose God for a few fleeting years, but then they will pass away, they will be destroyed!

Where is Pilate or Herod today? Where are the Roman Emperors today? Is their name worth of mentioning today? No, all human beings which oppose God are under God’s judgement – no matter what man does to oppose God, He already has installed His king in mount Zion! No matter how much man thinks he is the one who rules and governs his life, it is Jesus who is the King! Praise the Lord, Jesus is King! Jesus Christ has been installed by God to be the King over the whole earth!

Where was the Lord Jesus Christ installed as the King? Not on Mount Sinai(where the law was given) but on Mount Zion(where God’s habitation is). Many times we are just like the Psalmists, treasuring the law of God and doing our best to obey the law and fulfill its commandments, either in our own life or “helping others” to obey the law. But Christ has been installed as King in Mount Zion – the place of ascension, where Christ is today. We need to have “a move of mountains” – intrinsically and in our personal experience, we need to move from Mount Sinai, move away from appreciating the law of God apart from Christ, and move to Mount Zion!

Mount Sinai produces children of slavery but Mount Zion is our mother, the Jerusalem above(Gal. 4:24-28), and here we have Christ! To enthrone Christ in our being, we need to move away from the law and come to Christ – “come forward to Mount Zion and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem“(Heb. 12:22). May the Lord save us from our habit of secretly and unconsciously holding to our natural concept of the Bible and trying to obey the law / keep the law! We are no longer children of slavery under law but we are children of promise who inherit the promised blessing – the all-inclusive Spirit!

When we come to Christ in this way to enjoy Him as the Spirit, the promised blessing(Gal. 4:24-28; 3:14), we will also enthrone Christ as the King in our whole being. Yes, God has installed Christ as the King in Mount Zion, but we also need to install Christ as King, enthrone Christ, in the center of our being – every day! [sharing inspired from, Christ and the Church Revealed and Typified in the Psalms(by brother Witness Lee), and the life-study of the Psalms, as quoted in the Morning Revival on the Crystallization Study of the Psalms – become a fan on Facebook for more updates, or read more portions on the Crystallization of Psalms. Intro: Christ is installed as King]

Lord Jesus, we love You! You are the King installed by God in Mount Zion! We enthrone You in the center of our being right now! Expose Mount Sinai to us and show us where You are today – show us Mount Zion! We are coming to You, Lord, away from Mount Sinai! We are no longer children of slavery but children of the promise. Today we want to come and enjoy You in the Spirit as the all-inclusive promised blessing. Lord, be installed in our being as the King.

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