God intends to recover the earth for Himself through Christ in the church; the key: a built-up church!

God intends to recover the earth for Himself through Christ in the church; the key is a built-up church! [picture source: Cameron Lake, Waterton Lakes National Park, Canada, Alberta, North America]God’s purpose is to be expressed in a corporate way on the earth – throughout the Bible and particularly in the book of Psalms we see that God desires to recover His title, His legal rights, over the whole earth through Christ in the church, through Christ in the house, through Christ in the city. Many seeking believers, in a genuine way, long for the day when they will leave this earth and will go to heaven to be with the Lord… but the Lord’s desire is to come back to the earth and regain the earth for His kingdom!

God created the earth and the earth was good, but then the enemy came in and corrupted the earth, usurped the earth, and specifically, the enemy usurped humanity! The man created by God to be God’s expression and have dominion over the earth for God was usurped and corrupted by Satan, God’s enemy. But God didn’t give up on man – He Himself became a man so that He might redeem man and bring man back to God, bring man back into the fulfillment of God’s eternal purpose. Man is made to be for God, to be filled with God, to contain and express God! The key to God recovering the earth and bringing in His kingdom on the earth is His gaining of humanity – when God gains a built-up Body, the church, He can return to take over the earth. The church, a building of Christ in humanity, is the key for God to win the victory. If God gains a corporate man to be on His side, He can return to deal with His enemy and recover the earth for His kingdom!

If we see that God’s desire is to gain the earth and the church is the key to God recovering the earth for Himself – we will give ourselves to the Lord for the fulfillment of His purpose! We are born in sin, born in slavery to Satan, and we are daily usurped by the enemy of God to do the things that are not for the building up of the church. Both in us and in God there’s a yearning, a desire, that God’s kingdom would come and that God would gain the earth for Himself. Saints, we as the church are the key to God’s purpose being accomplished – when we are built up as the church here and there in so many cities all over the earth, God can have His expression and His dominion, and He can defeat the enemy through the church!

We are the beachhead – the stepping stone – for God to return and recover the whole earth! Even the Lord’s death on the cross was not only for the redeeming of humanity – He died for the whole earth, to redeem the earth and everything on it for God! As His increase, His continuation, and His reproduction, we are the church as the house of God and the city of God. Through the church, God wants to regain the earth and bring in His kingdom to fill the whole earth! There are various aspects of the earth being gained by God and being for God – in the book of Psalms, such as:

  • The earth has been given to Christ as an inheritance (Psa. 2:8).
  • The Lord’s name will be excellent in all the earth (Psa. 8:1).
  • The earth and its fullness are the Lord’s (Psa. 24:1).
  • Christ will come back to take the earth (Psa. 96:13).
  • Christ will reign over the earth (Psa. 72:8).
  • The earth will return to Christ (Psa. 22:27).
  • The earth will remember Christ (Psa. 22:27).
  • The earth will worship Christ (Psa. 22:27, 29).
  • The earth will praise Christ (Psa. 98:4).
  • The whole earth will be filled with God’s glory (Psa. 72:19).

[sharing inspired from, Christ and the church revealed and typified in the Psalms(by brother Witness Lee) as quoted in the Morning Revival on the Crystallization Study of the Psalms – become a fan on Facebook for more updates, or read more portions on the Crystallization of Psalms. Intro: God wants to regain the earth… Picture credit: Beautiful Scenery]

Lord, regain Your title! Recover Your legal right to rule and reign over the earth! We give ourselves to You for Your economy, Your eternal purpose. Thank You for showing us Your desire to return and regain the earth. The earth and all that is within it is the Lord’s! Defeat Your enemy in us, and head us up as the Body of Christ! May Your kingdom come on the earth, Lord, and may Your will be done on earth as it is being done in the heavens! Gain a built-up church to express You! Continue in Your building work until You gain the church fully to be the key, the instrument, who brings You back!

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