God’s way of saving us from the world is the Lord Jesus Christ and His redemption(Poland camp 2011)

God's way of saving us from the world is the Lord Jesus Christ and His redemption(Poland camp 2011)This year’s Poland Conference was unveiling, revealing, exposing, nourishing, transforming, and perfecting. Even though – at first – I was jetlagged, extremely tired and unmotivated, the Lord managed to galvanise my spirit so that I could take in the words spoken by the brothers! This was my first Poland Conference and to top it off, I was doing practical service and therefore missed the morning meetings. However the messages I was able to attend were sufficient enough to reveal to me what the world really is!

I really enjoyed the practical service because I was helping the brothers in a practical way to get their burden across to the young people. Running the games was fun because I got to meet and interact with all the young people while avoiding the awkward greetings that would have taken place had I not been serving. And through the practical service the young people began to know, trust, and confide in me and I in them. The church life is a family life and it is so sweet when there is an atmosphere of love and affection. As a serving one it helped me to see how I could serve the young people in London better and also how crucial it is to learn from the young people at these conferences.

Out of all the messages, the Special Fellowship touched me the most – but all of the messages are dear to me because they build on the messages and experiences I went through in the 2011 Summer Training and the West Coast College Training. The burden was clear: we as young people need to see the world and exit it. Just like the Israelites, we have to partake in an exodus from Egypt (which signifies the world) in order to escape Pharaoh’s (Satan) oppressive and evil rule and eat and drink of Jesus Christ! I enjoyed that despite our past there is a way: Jesus. God’s way is not a ritual, a religious act or even our promising to try harder. God’s way is His Son, Jesus, who, although perfect, faced God’s righteous condemnation, judgement, and wrath for our sake. Jesus fulfilled the reality of the exodus in an inward way. And as we cross from the world to Christ our sins and our past are washed away – the same as Pharaoh and his army were swallowed by the Red Sea – never to be remembered by Him again! These messages increased the burden I already had for the young people. We are the next generation and we must be the ones who bring Christ back. It’s no longer acceptable to exist neutrally in the world while Satan continues to tighten his grip on Europe. We must be today’s Nazarites for the Lord’s move in Europe. [sharing by brother David G. from his enjoyment as a practical serving one in the 2011 Poland camp – become a fan on Facebook for more updates and sharings]

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