Hear and see, forget and stretch forward to gain Christ now: the King will desire your beauty!

Hear and see, forget and stretch forward to gain Christ now: the King will desire your beauty!Psalm 45 is a psalm about Christ – praising Christ as the King. In this psalm we see a direct praise of Christ as the King and also an indirect praise of Christ by the psalmist praising the queen (the wife of the king), the daughters of the kings, and the sons of the king(the overcoming saints in the church). As a human being, a man needs a wife and children to be complete; in the same way, Christ is not a bachelor – He is the King with the queen and all the children! To praise Christ in a complete way, we must say something about Himself, about His queen, and about His children. Christ’s glory is seen in Christ Himself in the Gospels, in the church in the Epistles, and in the overcomers in Revelation. Praise the Lord for Christ, the church, and the overcoming saints!

Psalm 45 shows us Christ and the church with all the overcoming saints – a complete expression of Christ! This morning I was encouraged and strengthened by Psa. 45:10-11, which says, Hear, O daughter, and see; and incline your ear; and forget your people and your father’s house; thus the King will desire your beauty. Because He is your Lord, worship Him. This is what the Apostle Paul was also talking about when he said in Phil. 3:13-14, “one thing I do, forgetting the things which are behind and stretching forward to the things before, I pursue…We need to forget the things behind, whether good or bad, and stretch forward to the vast unexplored territory of Christ which is before us – the fullest enjoyment and gaining of Christ!

Hear His voice, see Him, and forget anything else!

The Lord is calling the queen and is telling her to hear and see – when you hear Christ and see Christ, you are captivated by His beauty! If we incline our ear and hear the Lord’s word, we will see Him in all His beauty and splendor, and our heart will be gained by Him! Then, we will forget about “our father’s house” – forget about anything that is behind! We may have been in some things and some situations our whole life, but when we hear the Lord and see Him, we forget about these things and stretch forward to gain Him!

We see this in picture with Joseph in Egypt: he named his first son, Manasseh, which means, Making to forget. The Lord makes us to forget both the bad and unpleasant things and the good things that happened to us – all these are now part of the past! Joseph’s second son was named Ephraim – twice fruitful, which implies that if we forget the things behind and pay attention to the Spirit’s living up-to-date speaking in the churches we become fruitful!

The more we forget and go on, the more we become beautiful in the King’s eyes! The more we forget about the things which are behind and listen to the Spirit’s speaking to go on and pursue Christ today – the NOW CHRIST – the more the King desires our beauty and the more He loves us! Don’t recall the past or tell others stories from the past – right now, at this very moment, choose to forget and stretch forward to gain Christ, and you will become beautiful in the Lord’s eyes! This is beautiful to Him!

Listen to the Spirit’s speaking – being the messengers

Who are the ones who hear the Spirit’s speaking? Today in the age of the degradation of the church it is the messengers in the churches that the Lord as the Spirit speaks to. We need to pray that the Lord would make us the messengers – those who have a fresh and living message from God to His people! In Mal. 2:7 it says that our lips should keep the knowledge of Christ, and men should seek instruction from our mouth. We need to be those who know the Lord personally and are open to Him to receive His living and fresh speaking, so that when we speak to others we impart instruction on how to enjoy, experience, praise, and know the Lord.

If the Lord doesn’t have messengers in the church, He cannot speak to the church! But we want to be those today who are the messengers in the church – those listening to the Lord, those who hear and see Him, those who forget what’s behind and stretch forward to Christ! [sharing inspired from Christ and the Church Revealed and Typified in the Psalms(by brother Lee) and the message on this week, as quoted in the Morning Revival on the Crystallization-Study of Psalms (1); you can get the morning revival book online or become a fan on Facebook for more updates ]

Lord, we want to forget what is behind – whether good or bad – and stretch forward to the now Christ! We want to gain You afresh and become beautiful in Your eyes. Grant us to hear Your word – make us Your messengers today! We want Your living and fresh speaking! Make us Your messengers – the ones who always receive Your fresh up-to-date speaking, so that You may desire our beauty as part of the Queen and the Bride! Lord, strengthen our forgetting and our stretching forward!

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  1. a Sister in Christ says:

    The more we FORGET and GO ON, the more we become beautiful IN THE KING’S EYES! Amen, Lord Jesus. At  this very moment we choose to foget and stretch forward to gain You, and enjoy  fresh portion of You . 

    • Amen, forget! Amen, go on! Lord, strengthen our forgetting! Strengthen our going on! Save us from remaining where we are and what we are…

  2. Magda Skonieczek says:

    The more we FORGET and GO ON, the more we become beautiful  IN THE KING’S EYES!Amen Lord Jesus. At  this very moment we choose to foget and stretch forward to gain You, and enjoy  fresh portion of You. 

  3. Amen! Thank You Lord Jesus You make Yourself available to us momen by moment.