I give my life to You, Lord, for You alone are worthy! I love You!(2011 Poland camp)

I give My life to You, Lord, for You alone are worthy! I love You Lord Jesus! (2011 Poland camp) The Poland camp was “different” this year. Praise the Lord for this time. It was so encouraging to be with saints and to hear all these words. I appreciated that brother Tom opened some topics like Lord’s coming, relationships, our attitude toward world, the danger of world, and many other things. I was impressed especially by the matter of the compromise with world. This is Satan’s strategy – to get us to make compromises! It usually begins with small thought, then comes the temptation and finally we fail and we are disqualified. If we want to be overcomers we don’t have to make any compromises in small things or big things. For example, we may want to watch a movie and after that we feel that we lost the Lord’s presence but it last only for short time – so we usually don’t consider it as something evil. But when this happens again and again, these compromises will fill us with death.

I was touched that if we cannot to give up something, we should tell the Lord that we want to enjoy Him more than that particular thing. Only He can really satisfy. Lord we don’t want our hearts would love anything else but You! Other “one line” sentences I enjoyed are,

  • I cannot but He can!
  • I am not but You Are!
  • In Him is everything possible – He holds everything in His hand!
  • My sheep know My voice!
  • God has a heart for His people!
  • Our service and everything that we do depends on Him – if we begin with Him we don’t have to continue in our flesh.
  • The world says that God doesn’t exist but He says – I AM. He doesn’t need to justify Himself before people.
  • We don’t need to suffer many things – we need to learn how to pray and to be patient.
  • We need a lot of healing if we want to see something.

Phil 2:10 That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those who are in heaven and on earth and under the earth.

I give my life to You, Lord,
For You alone are worthy,
There’s nothing and there’s no one
That I desire but You.
May all my days be Yours, Lord,
My heart be given to love You!
To treasure and to serve You!
By Your sufficient grace!

[sharing from the recent Poland camp by sister Katarina C.(Slovakia) from her her topmost enjoyment in the recent European Young People’s conference in Poland – become a fan on Facebook for more updates and sharings]


  1. Linda Aikin says:

    Praise You Lord for Your speaking!
    Thank You Lord "I cannot but You can"


  2. Amen I cannot but He can!
    I give my life to you, Lord.
    I Am.Amen Aleluia

  3. I enjoyed all the "one line" sentences, particularly, "we don't need to suffer many things – we need to learn how to pray and to be patient." "Amen Lord, teach us how to pray. We confess we don't know how to pray. We open our entire being to You."

    I love Romans 8:26 in which it says, "Moreover, in like manner the Spirit also joins in to help us in our weaknesses, for we do not know for what we should pray as is fitting, but the Spirit Himself intercedes for us with groanings which cannot be uttered."

    In the Life- Study of Romans, Brother Lee explains that the Spirit does not ask us to join Him to the highest standard, rather the Spirit joins in our manner. If our manner is quick, the Spirit is also quick. If we are slow, He will be slow. Whatever our situation is, it does not matter to Him. He just simply joins in to help us in our manner. How wonderful! How encouraging!

    Whatever our situations saints, let us pray that "in like manner" He might join in to help us! Indeed we don't need to suffer many things. Let us allow the Spirit to join in!