I need to turn to the Lord and call on His name even during my exams(a student’s testimony)

The Lord has been taking good care of me since I came to the UK. Praise the Lord, when I look back the church life I had for about 8 months now – I really enjoy God’s mercy and grace.

I touched the Lord in my home country but I did not get too much into His great kingdom… But He didn’t leave me alone even as I came to a completely new country, a different continent, and a new environment. And the Lord got me saved here – He brought me in the great kingdom – thank You, Lord! It is really good to be in God’s kingdom instead of being in Satan’s kingdom! I want to hide in Him forever – His grace is sufficient for me!

Another thing that I enjoyed is that I need to call on His name, I need to turn my heart to Him – especially when I have a hard time. I just had some tough exams at the end of this past term, and had no time to go to the meeting for a long time. The life without other brothers and sisters is very hard. It is those times for me that I come to enjoy Him, call upon the Lord’s name – even in the exams. O Lord Jesus, I Love You, I Need You! [this is brother LJ’s experience of the Lord during his past semester in university]

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  1. Amen brother – a touching testimony of our wonderful Lord Jesus, who is so real and available to us! Never graduate from this simple thing – calling on the name of the Lord! As 2 Cor. 3:17 says, Whenever the heart shall turn to the Lord the veil shall be taken away… – whenever we turn our heart to the Lord, any veil from our eyes is taken away and we can see the Lord face to face!