I want to live according to the spirit! The Son of God is in my spirit! (2011 winter school)

I want to live according to the spirit! The Son of God is in my spirit! (2011 winter school)That was my first Winter school of Truth. Before I arrived there I didn’t really wanted to go… I can even say that I was “pushed a little bit” by my mum. But after arriving there at Bower House, all my doubts disappeared, because I really enjoyed the Lord and I had a great time! I met lots of people, I met my old friends, but the most important was that I heard so much about the Lord Jesus and the two spirits!

I really enjoyed lesson eight. It was about denying the soul and turning to the spirit. In Rom 8:6 it says, For the mind set on the flesh is death, but the mind set on the spirit is life and peace.

We Christians, must reject our mind, emotions, and will, and take the Lord Jesus as our life! Amen! This doesn’t mean that we don’t need our emotions and will but that we need to put them under the control of the spirit! We need to turn to the Lord in every situation and He will show us the way – we will have a feeling. I’m so vulnerable if I don’t turn to the Lord… but I want to live according to the spirit!

I also really enjoyed this wonderful song,

The Son of God is in my spirit!
But my mind, emotion, will have not been conformed yet
So I thank God I’m under the process
Of conformation
To the image
Of Son of God!!!

The law of life in me is spreading
Thus my mind, emotion, will
He’s now conforming
So, I open to His working within me
Till my whole being
Bears the image
Of the Son of God!

[The above video is a singing of the song, The Son of God is in My Spirit! in New Zeeland 2009. The above sharing from sister K.S (PL) from her top enjoyment in the 2011 Winter School of Truth in Bower House, London, UK. Praise the Lord, we can reject our mind, emotion, and will, and turn to our spirit in every situation! Lord, keep us turning! Read other testimonies from the 2011 Winter School or send us your own testimony at enjoyingthelord@gmail.com]