I will declare Your name to My brothers; in the midst of the church I will sing hymns of praise to You

I will declare Your name to My brothers; in the midst of the church I will sing hymns of praise to YouPraise the Lord for His church-producing resurrection! After passing through His redeeming death(Psa. 22:1-22), Christ entered into His church-producing resurrection(Psa. 22:22-31). The aspects emphasized in Psalms 22 are the church and the many brothers being produced in Christ’s resurrection. When the Lord Jesus was on the earth, He called His followers His disciples, and at most He called them friends. But after His resurrection He told Mary,

“Go to My brothers and say to them, I ascend to My Father and your Father, and My God and your God” (John 20:17)

We were regenerated in Christ’s resurrection to be Christ’s brothers!

In Christ’s resurrection all the believers were begotten together with Christ to be His brothers and the many sons of God! Before His resurrection, just a few days earlier, Peter, John, and the rest of the disciples were just the Lord’s disciples; after His resurrection, they became His brothers and God was their Father! In Christ’s resurrection all the believers in Christ throughout the ages were regenerated(1 Pet. 1:3) and became the many sons of God and the brothers of Christ!

Resurrection was like a “big delivery” of the many sons of God! It was at that point in time, a litle over 2000 years ago, that we were regenerated – and not when we received the Lord in our lifetime! The Lord’s resurrection was such a marvelous event with such an amazing result – the producing of the many sons of God which constitute the church!

Christ produced the church in His resurrection

Psalm 22:22b says, “In the midst of the assembly I will praise You!” and Paul quotes this part in Heb. 2:12 as, “in the midst of the church I will sing hymns of praise to You“. In the Old Testament it says, the assembly, and in the New Testament, the church. In His resurrection Christ produced the church – which is composed of the many brothers of Christ! The assembly is the church, and God is praised by Christ in the midst of the church after His resurrection! This is why we at the Lord’s Table meeting – after eating the bread and drinking the wine – praise the Father together; we follow the Lord’s pattern.

It clearly says that Christ praises the Father in the midst of the many brothers who have been constituted as the church! Both He who sanctifies(Christ, the firstborn son) and those who are being sanctified(we the many believers in Christ and the many sons of God), are both of one – we are both of the same Father! God is no longer ONLY our God, but He is now our Father! We have been regenerated in Christ’s resurrection through the dispensing of His divine life into us – and now our elder brother is the Pneumatic King!

We need to have our mind opened and enlightened

We need to have our mind opened to see what the Scriptures say – we need to see that we are not just sinners, not just God’s creatures, and not just men; we are sons of God, brothers of Christ, and God-men as part of the church, God’s heart’s desire and His intention! Christ is divine and human – we are human and divine. As the church, Christ’s enlargement and reproduction in His resurrection, we are the bride of Christ, fulfilling His heart’s desire and satisfying Him!

Hallelujah for the church! [sharing inspired from the life-study of the Psalms as quoted in Morning Revival on the Crystallization-Study of Psalms(1); you can get the morning revival book online or become a fan on Facebook for more updates]

Praise You Lord for Your church-producing resurrection! What a great delivery – millions of people were begotten of God to be sons of God! We are now no longer only sinners but sons of God! We are not just creatures or men, but we are God’s sons and the God-men. Praise You for regenerating us in Your resurrection! Thank You for making us “the assembly”, the church! We are the church of the brothers of Christ, the church of the sons of God, with Christ as our elder Brother praising the Father in our midst!

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