just come to the meetings and praise the Lord: He loads you with good and the enemy is defeated!

just come to the meetings and praise the Lord: He loads you with good and the enemy is defeated!The second section of Psalm 68 speaks about the enjoyment of God in His house – after the building up of His dwelling place, the church, we enjoy God as our everything in His house. Psa. 68:19-20 says, Blessed be the Lord, who day by day loads us with good; God is our salvation. Selah. God is to us a God of deliverance, and with Jehovah the Lord are the goings forth even from death. Praise the Lord – He daily loads us with the Triune God as the only Good One – and He is our salvation!

Blessed be the Lord, who day by day loads us with good

The “good” here is the same “good” Paul speaks about in Rom. 8:29 – it is not anything outward or physical, but it is the Triune God as our everything. Day by day God is loading us with Himself as goodness so that we may enjoy Him! Only God is good – even the Lord Jesus acknowledged that only God is good in Matt. 19:17. All things in our life as believers in Christ and members of the Body of Christ living a normal Christian life in the church life works for good – the Triune God is dispensed into us to transform us and conform us to the image of God!

God is our salvation (Psa. 68:19) – our salvation is not a thing but a Person! God is to us a God of deliverance – in God’s house we enjoy God as our salvation and our deliverance, and with Him are the goings fort even from death. The way to escape from death – psychological death, spiritual death, and even physical death – is to enjoy God in the house of God. When we enjoy God as our life, we flee death! God is the way for us to escape death and enjoy goodness – in God’s house!

come to the meetings and praise the Lord!

This is a secret we all discover as we go on with the Lord in the proper church life – all we need to do is come to the church meetings and praise the Lord! Satan bothers us, situations may be overwhelming, people may have problems with us, we may have a lot of things we didn’t do quite right, or there’s a lot of accusations inside… whatever happens, don’t miss the meeting of the church! Bring your problems and “bring Satan” with all his bothering – to the meeting! And when you are in the meeting, praise the Lord!

By coming and staying in the local church, all the problems are solved and the enemy is overcome! Don’t try to deal with your temper, and don’t look for a complicated solution to improve your disposition. Don’t encourage yourself to overcome the problems, and don’t strive to perfect your temper. Simply come to the meetings of the church – when you come, the problems and your temper follow you, and they will flee as you praise the Lord! If you place yourself in the Body of Christ in a practical way and remain in the Body, the victory is yours!

Praise the Lord – in the meetings of the local church Satan is defeated and God is loading us with good, with the Triune God! This is a practical way to enjoy God in His house. [sharing inspired from the life-study of the Psalms, as quoted in the Morning Revival on the Crystallization-Study of Psalms (1); you can get the morning revival book online or become a fan on Facebook for more updates. Intro: Blessed be the Lord!]

Thank You Lord for such a simple and enjoyable way to be saved and to overcome! Save us from struggling, striving, and trying to overcome our temper or to defeat the enemy! Keep us in the practical church life, in the day-by-day Body life, so that the enemy would be overcome! Lord, we want to be laoded with God as the Good One every day! Keep us in the church life – living in Your dwelling place, to enjoy You as everything!

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