My heart overflows with a good matter; I speak what I have composed concerning the King(Psalm 45)

My heart overflows with a good matter; I speak what I have composed concerning the King(Psalm 45)This week we are coming to Psalm 45 where we see Christ as King and the church, the believers, and the overcomers as the queen. Christ as the King is praised both directly(His fairness, victory, majesty, kingdom, and sweetness) and indirectly(by praising the church, the overcomers, and the believers as the queen). I love the first verse in Psalm 45, My heart overflows with a good matter; I speak what I have composed concerning the King. My tongue is the pen of a ready writer.

My heart overflows with a good matter

O, Lord, what about my heart? What is my heart overflowing with? Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks(Luke 6:45). The Lord wants our heart to be boiling for Him, overflowing with the good matter – the good things for Him. He doesn’t like it when our heart is lukewarm(see Rev. 3, the church in Laodicea) – if our heart is neither hot for Him nor cold towards Him, He would spew us out of His mouth. The proper temperature of the Christian life is boiling for the Lord. Something should be boiling up in our being concerning the Lord whom we love! To overflow = to boil over as a fountain or boiling water… Rev. 3:19 says, Be Zealous and Repent – be boiling therefore and repent. Saints, let’s be boiling for our King!

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks

In Matt. 12:34-35 says that out of the abundance of heart the mouth speaks. What’s in our heart in abundance that is what will flow out. The good men out of the good treasure of their heart are overflowing with good things, but the evil men out of their evil treasure bring out evil things. We want Christ as the King do be the good treasure of our heart, and then out of the abundance of our heart, the heart will overflow!

I speak what I have composed concerning the King

Christ is the KING! The New Testament begins with Christ as the King – He is the son of David and the son of Abraham. We need to enjoy Christ as our King – come under His ruling – and enjoy Him as the Isaac in whom all the nations are blessed! We need to enjoy Christ as the blessed Spirit, we need to take Christ as our King, and be under His ruling to enjoy Him more as our blessing!

Christ’s beauty as seen in His processes and in the church

The entire Psalm 45 praises Christ the King for His fairness, His victory, His majesty, His kingdom, and His sweetness – praising Christ for His beauty in His three stages of incarnation, inclusion, and intensification! Christ’s beauty can be seen in His incarnation as He expressed the bountiful God in His rich attributes through His aromatic virtues. Christ’s beauty can be seen in His stage of inclusion, where He produced and is building up the church – Christ’s beauty is wrought into the church, and Christ is praised indirectly for His beauty by praising the Queen! Christ’s beauty is also praised in His stage of intensification – He is praise in the praising of His sons, which are the overcomers as the princes, produced by Christ in His intensification!

Give Yourself to Behold the Beauty of Jehovah!

What can we say when we see the beauty of Christ in the three stages of His full ministry? Just give yourself to behold the beauty of Jehovah in the entire Bible! One thing we desire of Jehovah(Psa. 27:4) is to dwell in His house and behold His beauty in His incarnation, inclusion, and intensification! O, Christ’s loveliness, His pleasantness, and His delightfulness – Christ’s beauty! We see Christ’s beauty in the church – in the local churches! When we praise the church and speak well of the church, praising the Lord for the church, we actually praise Christ the king because the church is part of the King! Always speak good of the saints – they are the excellent ones, the majestic ones, all my delight is in them! God behelds no iniquity in the church, in His saints(Num. 23-24).

Paying attention to the meat and not the bones!

The chicken comes with feathers, bones, dung, meat, etc – but we eat the chicken meat and enjoy it! In the church life it is the same – don’t focus on the feathers or the bones, go for the CHICKEN in the church! Look at the Christ in all the saints! Praise the Christ in the saints, and don’t look or emphasize the “feathers” or “the bones” that you may also see! There may be weaknesses and defects in the church, but put them all in the lake of fire, the trash can! Blessed is everyone who blesses the church! Praise the Lord for the church!

[sharing inspired from message 7 of the 2011 Summer Training entitled, Praising Christ as the King – and quoted in the Morning Revival on the Crystallization-Study of Psalms (1); you can get the morning revival book online or become a fan on Facebook for more updates]

Lord, we praise You for Your beauty! Praise You for Your fairness and Your loveliness! We appreciate Your delightfulness… You are so wonderful in Your incarnation. You are so glorious and lovely in the saints, the church! Praise You Lord for the church life. Grant us to see Your beauty and Your loveliness in all the saints! We want to “go for the chicken”! Save us from focusing on the bones and feathers! We want to see Christ in the saints, Christ in the church!

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